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PhilSA will examine environmental patterns via spaceborne data.

According to its top official on Thursday, the Philippine Space Agency (PhilSA) would employ spaceborne data to get a better picture of the nation’s natural resources and assist policymakers in managing and restoring them.

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PhilSA will gather data and create maps by gaining access to satellites and ground resources. According to PhilSA Director General Joel Marciano Jr., these will be utilized to create and comprehend a more comprehensive picture of the nation’s natural resources, environmental trends, and features to enable data- and science-based policies and execution.

He used mangroves as an illustration of a valuable environmental resource. Mangroves play a key role in defending coastal habitats against erosion, sea level rise, and flooding.

A new agreement between PhilSA and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) includes regular development and analysis of mangrove extent maps as one of their efforts.

“Trends like air quality patterns and environmental characteristics like climate change vulnerabilities will be properly accounted for, better described, and analyzed to inform decisions on climate change mitigation and adaptation programs as well as in disaster risk response and management efforts,” said Marciano.

He continued by saying that as environmental conservation and climate change adaptation ensure food security and save lives, the general public will gain from them.

The standard of the natural environment and resources has an impact on agricultural produce and fisheries products. Therefore, Marciano argued, understanding environmental patterns would assist policymakers in developing projects and programs to better manage environmental resources.

The DENR and PhilSA’s relationship, which began on February 6 last year, would initially last one year.

The purpose of their project, “Use of Satellite Imagery in the Creation of the National ENR Geospatial Database and other related Programs of the DENR,” is to evaluate the success of ongoing initiatives, like the National Greening Program, in order to identify the best approaches and potential areas for improvement in the restoration of the environment.

“By utilizing space data for the conservation, protection, management, and restoration of the environment and natural resources, the partnership between PhilSA and DENR brings to light the socioeconomic benefits and value of the country’s emerging space capabilities, sai Marciano

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