June 23, 2021

In Ilocos Norte, 11 farmer groups have received assistance

When asked what government assistance they would want for their vinegar-making company, Robert Calma and other members of the Malampa Agrarian Reform Cooperative in Bacarra, Ilocos Norte, the first thing that sprang to mind was a haulage truck to conveniently transport their goods.

Calma described how the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) employees told them that they could now have a fresh new hauling vehicle that was available for pick-up as a pleasant surprise.

“We were not expecting our desire to be granted so soon. Calma said that they were accustomed to making requests from the government and that it takes a lot of patience to follow up until their request was eventually granted.

Calma’s organization is one of 11 AR recipient groups in Ilocos Norte that got a total of 24 common service facilities from the DAR on Tuesday.

A haulage truck, four four-wheeled tractor units, five hand tractors, and 14 diesel water pumps totaling PHP6.5 million are among the items.

A total of PHP2,950,000 was also provided to them as part of the soft loan component of the agency’s Climate Resilient Farm Productivity Support Project, which seeks to improve the capacity of farmers in the northern Philippines.

With ongoing worries over the country’s agricultural situation, government organizations like as DAR continue to pump money into farmers by assisting them in acquiring farm machinery and equipment so that they may stay competitive in the market.

Farmers must equip themselves with knowledge and equipment to produce excellent crops even in the face of unpredictable weather conditions as a result of climate change.

Provincial Agrarian Reform Program Officer Vic Ines encouraged farmers to make their land productive and to continue supporting their organization during a simple turn-over ceremony held at the Catuguing Multi-purpose Cooperative in San Guillermo, San Nicolas town, during which all support services from DAR will be routed through the group.

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