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OPAPRU’s interim leader is Purisima, according to PBBM.

Malacanang said on Tuesday that Undersecretary Isidro Purisima has been named as the temporary leader of the Office of the Presidential Advisor on Peace, Reconciliation and Unity (OPAPRU) by President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr.

In a briefing in the Palace, Malacanang Press Briefer Daphne Osea-Paez revealed Purisima’s most recent designation.

Malacanang has not yet provided more information regarding Purisima’s appointment.

More than a month after Carlito Galvez Jr. was appointed as the new director of the Department of National Defense by Marcos, Purisima was appointed.

Purisima was the Presidential Assistant for Local Conflict Transformation and Peace Sustainability prior to his new position.

Moreover, Purisima served as the former Office of the Presidential Advisor on Peace Process’s deputy presidential adviser for operations (OPAPP).

Former military commander Purisima headed the Armed Forces of the Philippines’ command center and served as deputy chief of staff for operations (AFP).

Together with Purisima, Osea-Paez reported that Marcos elevated OPAPP’s chief of staff Wilben Mayor to the position of Presidential Assistant 1.

Yet, Osea-Paez made no more mention of the Mayor’s new role.

The OPAPRU, formerly known as OPAPP, has the responsibility of managing, directing, integrating, and supervising the execution of the comprehensive peace process through fostering and bolstering national reconciliation and unity.

other recently appointed authorities

Osea-Paez also disclosed the identities of additional recent presidential appointments.

She claimed that Marcos appointed Gabriel Lagamayo to serve as the National Dairy Authority’s (NDA) acting administrator and a member of the Dairy Industry Board.

Via policy guidance, program coordination, and program implementation, the NDA, which was established by Republic Act 7784, is an attached agency of the Department of Agriculture and is in charge of guaranteeing the accelerated development of the Philippine dairy industry.

Senando Santiago has been appointed as the acting general manager and CEO of the Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA), an attached agency of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources tasked with fostering and accelerating the growth of the Laguna Lake region and the neighboring provinces, cities, and towns. This appointment was also announced by Osea-Paez.

Santiago, according to her, will also be a director on the board of the LLDA.

Moreover, David Ero and Virgina Oroco, who both represent the beneficiaries of the agricultural reform, were chosen by Marcos to serve as acting members of the Landbank of the Philippines Board of Directors.

Furthermore appointed to the National Tripartite Industrial Peace Council as members who both represent the employer sector are Emerico de Guzman and Rufino Margate Jr. Osea-Paez declared.

Valerie Joy Brion, executive director no. 5 at the Commission on Filipinos Abroad; Domingo Gonzaga, director no. 2 at the National Meat Inspection Service; Julieta Opulencia, deputy executive director no. 3 at the Philippine Council for Agriculture and Fisheries; and Flora Gabunales were additional newly appointed government officials (director IV at the Department of Trade and Industry).

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