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Government agencies are urged to assist Ilocos Norte’s small companies.

The Ilocos Norte administration is requesting that all national, regional, and other government organizations with headquarters in the province assist neighborhood businesses by making purchases from them in order to stimulate local economic development.

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2023-02-026, a draft provincial ordinance mandating the allocation of at least 10% of their total procurement value for the purchase of locally produced goods and services from qualified micro, small, and medium enterprises, was unanimously approved by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) or Provincial Board on Monday (MSMEs).

The ordinance, which is supported by Portia Pamela Salenda, a member of the provincial board, adopts the key provisions of Republic Act 9501, often known as the Magna Carta for MSMEs, and ensures that it is put into effect in the province.

The ordinance guarantees that, among other things, the federal and local governments will buy food from regional producers to boost their income for their relief and school feeding programs.

Salenda noted the importance of assisting in the recognition of MSMEs’ needs by assuring their continuing growth and development: “Ilocos Norte has around 11,230 MSMEs who are into manufacturing/processing, making up at least 99 percent of the total registered enterprises in the province.

The Technology and Livelihood Development Office, in collaboration with the Negosyo Centers created in various regions of the province, should construct an MSME Registry that shall serve as the foundation for the local procurement in order to take advantage of the ordinance’s benefits.

All qualifying MSMEs will have a better chance to increase their sales with government entities once they are on the list, which will be verified by the Office of the Government and the Department of Trade and Industry.

In addition to giving MSMEs, one of the most severely affected sectors by the pandemic, financial support, the provincial government of Ilocos Norte has also given them greater opportunities to broaden their market reach.

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