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Solon predicts exponential learning gain with the K–3 curriculum.

The House Committee on Basic Education and Culture approved the proposed subject merger for Kindergarten through Third Grade (K–3) on Wednesday, noting that it might lead to learners’ learning progressing exponentially.

Rep. Roman Romulo, chair of the House Committee on Basic Education and Culture, stated that this will allow for more time and opportunities to focus on “functional literacy.”

“I absolutely agree with the plan; as I understand it, it states that for Grades 1 to 3, the subject is available for bawasan. Kailangan naman mag-focus tayo sa functional literacy at sa reading, reading, reading, at sa mathematics (You know, we have been repeating that for so long that we need to cut the subjects when it comes to Grades 1 to 3; I absolutely agree with the current plan. Functional literacy, reading, reading, reading, and mathematics need to be our main priorities, he stated.

Araling Panlipunan (social studies) and Music, Arts, Physical Education, and Health (MAPEH) would be combined into Sibika, Kultura, Kasaysayan at Kagalingang Pangkatawan (SIKaP), which was previously recommended by the Department of Education (DepEd).

The DepEd stated that the integration aims to give students and teachers “ample time to strengthen functional literacy” in addition to assisting students in growing a sense of self and cultural awareness.

For Romulo, this approach will be useful in resolving issues with students’ reading comprehension in particular.

“Because we really need to help our learners focus on reading comprehension and mathematics, and of course, their proper interaction with others, that’s included,” he continued. “Kasi kailangan talaga ‘yung ating mga mag-aaral ay matutukan natin ang reading comprehension and mathematics at siyempre ‘yung pakikitungo nang tama sa ibang tao.”

calendar for schools

The legislator emphasized that the suggested return to the previous school calendar owing to excessive heat needed to be properly evaluated by the DepEd.

“Po talaga nakainit. No, you didn’t make that up. It is undoubtedly hot; we cannot dispute that. However, there are issues that must be faced regardless of how uncomfortable the current conditions are in the pagpasok. Because of this, going to class can be uncomfortable, but we shouldn’t forget that the wet season also presents difficulties),” Romulo added.

“If there is flooding, if there is heavy rain, if there is a storm, many are also getting sick during that season,” he said. “Kapag may baha, kapag malakas ang ulan, may bagyo.”

He continued by saying that important decisions would need to be made if the school break was moved back to April and May.

The DepEd, according to Romulo, must take into account crucial elements including the school’s ability to withstand typhoons and flooding, student safety and health, the continuation of learning activities during the rainy season, and the alignment of school calendars with those of higher education institutions (HEIs).

Given that several HEIs have already changed their academic calendars, the department needs to work with the Commission on Higher Education, according to him.

The public has been told by the DepEd that the organization is already researching the optimal layout for the classroom.

Michael Poa, a spokesman for DepEd, emphasized that school administrators should be given the freedom to stop holding in-person classes and switch to alternate delivery methods (ADMs).

However, the DepEd stated that given the budgetary constraints facing the education sector, the proposed purchasing of air conditioners for every classroom in all public schools is not practical.

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