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Government workers are encouraged to enroll in upcoming CSC learning sessions.

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) encouraged government employees to enroll in and participate in the learning and development (L&D) programs being offered by the agency’s Civil Service Institute (CSI) for May 2023 as part of its efforts to enlarge civil servants’ knowledge and address competency gaps in the workforce.

“The CSC continues to offer training courses to more capable and dependable leaders and civil servants who can meet the challenges of the new normal in the pursuit of quality public service,” Nograles said in a press release.

He stated that the competency-based behavioral event interview course, which will be held online on May 2 and 4, is open to HRM practitioners and leaders.

The program’s goal is to give participants the skills they need to use, practice, and keep track of the evaluation and assessment of prospective employees utilizing competency-based interviewing (CBI) and behavioral event interviewing (BEI).

Learning and development professionals will be able to offer and administer L&D programs in an organized manner, from planning through the compilation of terminal reports, thanks to the online program/course delivery and administration on May 3.

The online Ethical Leadership Course for managers, division heads, supervisors, or other equivalent positions will be held on May 9 and May 11, and its goal is to encourage participants to use moral and ethical principles when exercising leadership in the public sector.

The Well-Being Centric Leadership Webinar, on the other hand, will provide numerous leadership methods to support good cultures and working environments toward employee well-being and productivity on May 16, 18, and 23.

The goal of the May 17–19 online Gender, Diversity, and Social Inclusion Seminar is to provide participants with the sensitivity that will enhance diversity.

In addition to discussing and examining the role of leaders in managing diversity and overcoming gender-related inequalities in order to promote a culture of social inclusion in their workplaces, the course seeks to provide strategies for social inclusion.

A certificate of completion with the necessary amount of leadership and managerial training hours will be given to participants who have finished these courses, including the required course criteria, according to the CSC.

According to Nograles, the interventions are a regular component of the commission’s efforts to give government personnel and officials the proper training and competency upgrades.

The new knowledge they would gain from these programs will be applied to better serve our stakeholders, he added. “Ang kanilang bagong matutunan dito ay magagamit nila sa pagtupad ng kanilang tungkulin,” he said.

To fulfill the master’s degree requirement for appointment to executive and managerial roles, the Leadership and Management Certification Program (CPro) is an alternative route.

The CPro Training Track will be administered by the CSI starting on May 2, during which 40 participants will complete the Leadership and Management Development Course, which covers five leadership competencies, and carry out a 90-day action learning project inside their firm.

Additionally, the candidates will undergo a competency assessment that entails a written test, a review of their portfolios, and a behavioral event interview.

A Certificate in Leadership and Management, which can be utilized to fulfill the educational requirement for Division Chief and executive/managerial roles, will be awarded to those who successfully complete the assessment.

The CSC is one step closer to fulfilling one of its strategic objectives, which is to professionalize and empower the human resources in the civil service, Nograles added, by consistently providing top-notch L&D programs.

Interested government employees should check the Learning and Development Calendar on the CSI website at http://csi.csc.gov.ph for further details on the programs and the registration process.

Additionally, CSC regional offices provide L&D programs. Interested parties can get more information about the courses and schedules offered by contacting the CSC regional office that is closest to them.

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