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To increase the vax drive, DOH provides Ilocos LGUs with additional funding and incentives.

Local government units (LGUs) in the region will receive mobilization funding and incentives from the Department of Health in the Ilocos Region (DOH-1) to support the immunization campaign for kids against measles, rubella, and polio.

In a statement on Thursday, DOH-CHD-1 director Paula Paz Sydiongco said the mobilization fund will support LGUs in the financial processes and enhance allocations for the ongoing Measles-Rubella and bivalent Oral Poliovirus Vaccine Supplementary Immunization Activities (MR-bOPV SIA) campaign.

According to her, “This fund will be distributed based on the number of eligible children, children who have received vaccinations, vaccination coverage, and timely reporting.”

For every 100 to 500 children who receive vaccinations, LGUs will receive mobilization funds worth PHP20,000, PHP25,000 for every 50 to 1,000 children, PHP30,000 for every 1,001 to 2,000 children, PHP35,000 for every 2,001 to 3,000 children, PHP40,000 for every 4,001 to 5,000 children, PHP50,000 for every 5,001 to 10,000 children, and PHP55,000 for every 10,000 or more children who receive vaccinations.

In addition to the mobilization fund, additional financial incentives will be given based on the LGU’s success in achieving its vaccination goals and addressing the nation’s rising incidence of vaccine-preventable diseases (VPD).

An additional financial reward will be given depending on how well they perform, ranging from PHP15,000 to PHP41,250 for 100% success, PHP10,000 to PHP27,500 for 95% to 99.9% success, and PHP5,001 to PHP13,750 for 85% to 99% success.

LGUs will also be eligible for a PHP5,000 reward for timely reporting.

According to Sydiongco, incentives will also be granted to chosen regional and provincial health workers, technical staff, administrative assistants, and vaccination coordinators who will serve as coordinators, supervisors, and monitors during the campaign, pending the availability of money.

The number of youngsters who receive vaccinations will be based on the MR target population. The number of children who received vaccinations will also be determined following the campaign’s duration, including any authorized extension days, she added.

Sydiongco commended the local government units (LGUs), the medical personnel, and the parents whose children received immunizations.

We ask everyone to support this vaccination push because the vaccines are free, effective, and safe, she said. “The vaccination teams will go to the communities to give MR-OPV vaccines to children aged zero to 59 months old,” she said.

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