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VP requests that NTF-ELCAC be recalibrated. Sara is presently serving as co-chair.

The National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC) has been reorganized, according to National Security Adviser (NSA) Eduardo Ao, who made the announcement on Wednesday night. Vice President Sara Duterte has been named the group’s co-vice chair.

In a statement, Ao claimed that during the Executive Committee (ExeCom) meeting with Executive Secretary Lucas Bersamin in Malacaang, he made the proposal that was unanimously approved for the designation of Duterte, who is simultaneously serving as Secretary of the Department of Education.

The ExeCom, according to Ao, hailed Duterte’s selection as one of the NTF-ELCAC’s top leaders. As of the right moment, he and Duterte are the agency’s co-vice chairpersons.

“We thank her for accepting the challenge,” Ao stated. “Her unwavering commitment to the cause of NTF-ELCAC will undoubtedly be very valuable to the Task Force.”

The NSA further disclosed that the task force has incorporated the President’s appeal for peace, unity, and economic growth as fundamental principles to ultimately put an end to the bloody 54-year-old military conflict being fought by the terrorist organization New People’s Army (NPA).

The most important outcome of today’s meeting is that we are transitioning from the previous NTF-ELCAC to the new one, with the goal of serving as ‘bringers of peace.’ The president wants our people to have this. that every single Filipino can experience true and long-lasting serenity. Economic progress lags in places of peace and togetherness, Ao emphasized.

He added that the President has given the NTF ELCAC strong instructions to uphold a national strategy for peace and development in order to stop communist terrorists, their front groups, and other illegal elements from gathering supporters, reorganizing, and seizing power.

Additionally, Marcos instructed the task force and local governments to keep cooperating in order to capitalize on regional successes and maintain the task force’s momentum as it pursued complete triumph over communist terrorism during his administration.

“We want to reaffirm the administration’s unwavering commitment to a nationwide strategy for finally putting an end to communist terrorism in the nation. Since we have already achieved a strategic victory over the CPP-NPA-NDF, the President has actually ordered the task force to step up its operations, Ao stated.

He gave the government his word that NTF ELCAC will do everything in its power to uphold its commitment to development, peace, and unity, which is based on the ideals of effective and inclusive governance.

“As we remain steadfast in our commitment to end the long-running communist armed conflict and terrorism by addressing its root causes and pursuing its last remaining armed and violent components, we shall be enablers of positive change in the lives of our people with the support of all instruments of government and the entire nation. However, we will continue to engage in extremely successful local peace initiatives to reach out to them and offer them peace, Ao emphasized.

Data from the NTF-ELCAC shows that since its beginning in 2018 through Executive Order 70, 75% of all NPA guerrilla fronts have been destroyed.

Out of the original 89 fronts, just 22 remain. The NTF ELCAC agencies are concentrating military operations and development efforts on the final two of the 22, while the other 20 have been weakened.

Dindo Monsanto, a high-ranking NPA leader, was detained by government agents earlier this week in Malabon City.

He is a senior NPA commander and a CPP Central Committee member who assisted in the brutal murder of football player Kieth Absalon and his cousin Nolven in Masbate over two years ago, according to Ao.

Ao added that the following issues were discussed by the ExeCom at the meeting:

— securing financial support for the Barangay Development Program from all relevant departments, including the Departments of Agriculture, Public Works and Highways, and Education;

— the Cabinet Officers for Regional Development and Security, or CORDS, were reactivated

— the establishment of a Project Management Office in each agency, which will formalize the execution of NTF-ELCAC projects and programs.

We acknowledge the contributions of those who came before us in saying that we are on the verge of victory. We in this powerful coalition will always be grateful to them, Ao remarked.

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