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DA executive maintains the use of less expensive, eco-friendly biofertilizer.

On Thursday, the Department of Agriculture (DA) emphasized how biofertilizers might make the nation’s rice production far more sustainable, affordable, and balanced.

Leocadio Sebastian, the DA Undersecretary for Rice Industry Development, outlined the benefits of employing indigenous biofertilizers to increase output and yield during the Laging Handa public briefing.

With that kind of technology, he said, “we are moving into a more sustainable, environmentally sound, and climate sound rice production in the Philippines.”

Biological fertilizers, also known as biofertilizers, are compounds that include living microorganisms that aid in boosting the host plant’s nutrient supply while enhancing the fertility or health of the soil, according to DA.

Sebastian warned that the soil’s quality could worsen even further with the prolonged usage of synthetic fertilizer.

Many nutrients are missing from our soil, and if we keep using inorganic fertilizers, our production and yield won’t increase, he said.

However, the undersecretary clarified that using biofertilizers does not imply that other fertilizers should be stopped altogether.

“Iyong balanced fertilization mayroon kang organic na magpu-provide ng mga micronutrients, vitamins, mga iba-ibang nutrient,” Sebastian added. “The balanced fertilization [refers to the use of] organic [fertilizer] which will provide micronutrients, vitamins, and other nutrients.”

“Iyon namang biofertilizer, siya naman ay makakatulong na mag-improve sa pag-absorb ng halaman at saka pagkuha rin ng nitrogen sa atmosphere para balanced ang diet ng ating mga halaman,” he continued.

The official advised anyone who wanted to utilize biofertilizers that there are marketable, reasonably priced options.

Depending on the components and technique utilized, farmers can choose biofertilizer that costs between PHP500 and PHP5,000 and is already sufficient for 1 hectare.

“Urea natin ngayon, siya nagri-range sa 1,300 to 1,800 depending on the location of my isang sako. Therefore, if I have a dalawang sako of urea, I either have a dalawang libo or a tatlong libo. Our urea now costs between PHP1,300 and PHP1,800 per sack depending on your location. Habang kapag gumamit ka ng biofertilizer pinakamahal na iyong magagamit mo ay 1,000 or 1,500 ang presyo bawat ektarya ang gamit. Thus, using two sacks will cost you more than PHP2,000 or PHP3,000. The biggest cost per hectare, however, may be PHP1,000 or PHP1,500 if you use biofertilizer, according to Sebastian.

ad hoc biofertilizers

The DA previously declared that it would give local producers of biofertilizers in the national priority over ones from outside.

“Hindi puwedeng na naman imported. Iyong teknolohiya ay galing sa overseas, dapat dito siya ginagawa para hindi tayo aasa na manggagaling pa sa abroad iyong producto. So that we can stop depending on other nations for the goods, if the technology is coming from overseas, it should be created here, he said.

The USA, Europe, India, China, and other nearby nations, including Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand, employ biofertilizers.

Bidders for the biofertilizer procurement must be capable of training or educating farmers on the technique and meeting the requirement for local producers.

Additionally, the biofertilizer itself must be registered and deemed “cost-effective,” which means it must be offered reasonably or may be more expensive but provide a significantly higher yield.

The DA now intends to start promoting biofertilizers on a significant basis by October.

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