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PBBM urges PMA graduates to respect democracy and the rule of law.

After the PMA “MADASIGON” Class of 2023’s commencement exercises at Fort del Pilar in Baguio City on Sunday, President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. urged them to uphold democracy and the rule of law as they officially enlisted in the Philippine Armed Forces (AFP).

“As you enlist in the military, never waver from your sincere love of the nation and dedication to public service. Work carefully to promote harmony, adherence to democratic principles, institutions, and mechanisms, as well as the rule of law, Marcos said.

Warren Leonor, the class valedictorian from Lipa City in Batangas, will join the Air Force.

Leonor won the Joint United States Military Assistance Group Saber, the Philippine Air Force Saber, the Award of Excellence (cum laude), and the Presidential Saber.

Of the 310 graduates overall, 158 (123 men and 35 women) will join the Army, 76 (57 men and 19 women) will join the Air Force, and 77 (59 men and 18 women) will join the Navy.

The President emphasized to the new military commanders that their love and esteem for the nation extends beyond the words they use to express it and includes the diligent and responsible discharge of their responsibilities.

As Commander-in-Chief, he assured the AFP’s future leaders that he would work with them to forge a stronger, more resilient Philippines.

Apply the hard-won lessons you have acquired while at the Academy’s halls, holding to the virtues of bravery, integrity, and patriotism as you face hardships. You won’t ever get lost that way,” he said.

“Live up to the precepts that define your class identity β€” namely, honor, excellence, and ability to recover β€” and help lead our nation towards the progressive and prosperous future that we all aspire for,” he continued.

The “MAndirigmang May Dangal SImbolo at Galing at PagbangON” or Warriors with Dignity, Symbol of Excellence and Recovery Class graduation was attended by two parents from Class 1982, which was under the presidency of the late Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr.

Parents of cadets Titus Laurel and Jose Eduardo Vivencio Lumbera Gongona are, respectively, Police General Miguel Laurel and Commodore Eduardo Gongona of the Philippine Coast Guard.

“President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos attended our graduation and swearing-in. The son is present today for the PMA Class 2023 graduation and oath ceremony, according to Gongona.

They claimed to have sent their sons to the PMA for free education to carry on their tradition of public service.

academy standards

In his lecture, Marcos urged the cadets to uphold the fundamental principles they had learned about while attending the PMA.

He advised them, “As you advance [with] hearts full of pride and vigor, remain humble in yourselves and honor those who have raised you right from the beginning of all your budding dreams and aspirations.”

And for that reason, this day is also a time to remember your parents, family, and loved ones, as well as your role models and fellow students.

President Marcos also signed the pardon of penalty for cadets facing sanctions.

He also reaffirmed his unwavering pursuit of the AFP Modernization Program by purchasing and improving significant military assets.

He stressed that the government is conducting a thorough investigation to enhance the social protection provided to uniformed and military people.

Future AFP commissioned officers receive preparatory training from the PMA. On December 1, 1936, it was legally established by Commonwealth Act No. 1, also known as the National Defense Act, and given the authority to award a Bachelor of Science degree upon successfully completing the four-year program.

Edmundo Logronio, Nicole Sarmiento, Zhen Zhen Cayton, Rez Mark Cantor, Rojan Macario, Samuel Banac, Kimberly Kate Lawingan, Jay Fernandez, and Arla Krish Bahingawan are the Class MADASIGON graduates in order from second to ninth.

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