June 29, 2021

Sugar migrant laborers should be required to join the SSS, according to Antique.

The province of Antique’s sugar migrant workers (sacada) desk is urging contractors to enroll their employees in the Social Security System (SSS) so that they may be eligible for benefits.

In charge of the Sacada desk They will meet with 63 sacada contractors on July 13 to discuss the new need for them to recruit 3,286 Antiqueo laborers for sugar fields in the Negros Occidentales, according to Randy Ardeo, who announced the meeting on Tuesday.

The contractors must first be registered as SSS members before they may carry the sacada to Negros Occidental, which is scheduled to begin the final week of September this year, according to the official in an interview.

It was originally stated that the sacada would be enrolled before to the commencement of the milling season, with the understanding that their enrollment fees would be taken from their pay.

The milling season begins the final week of September and continues until the end of April.

In the end, they discovered that the insurance premium had been taken from their pay but had never been paid by their contractor when they returned to Antique.

He further said that Governor Rhodora J. Cadiao wanted to ensure that they were registered with the SSS before departing for Negros Occidental so that they would be protected and insured, in addition to being eligible for benefits in the event of an accident there.

Alternatively, he said, “it is conceivable that planters or contractors would deduct the insurance (premium) deductible from the acada’s wages.”

In order to meet the extra need, Cadiao has sought assistance from the Antique Regional Office of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and the Antique Provincial Planning and Development Office (PPDO), where the sacada desk is located, according to Ardeo.

The Department of Labor and Employment grants the Authority to Travel, while the sacada desk gives legitimate identity (ID) cards to registered migrant sugar workers.

Because of the extra criteria, both will only be given to individuals who are already registered in the SSS.

The Authority to Travel must be given to the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) before a passenger ferry bound for Negros Occidental may be boarded. The passenger ferry can be boarded in Iloilo City or Dumangas Port in Iloilo province, respectively.

In a separate interview, Leory Ninora, SSS Antique information officer, said that a member must pay a monthly premium of PHP400; PHP265 would be covered by the employer and PHP135 by the employee, with the latter’s contribution taken from their earnings.

They may already claim benefits such as disability, illness, and funeral claims after only one month of payment or premium contribution.

Pensions and other benefits, such as retirement, may be claimed after 120 months of contributions, while women enrolled in the program can claim the maternity benefit after three months of contributions.

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