October 12, 2021

In Cebu’s restaurant industry, drive-thru and delivery have become the standard

On Wednesday, September 29, 2021, a stall-based food business executive stated that, in the wake of the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic, meal delivery and drive-thru concept food shops are now becoming the new normal in the food sector.

The two-month pause of Leylam’s shawarma-based business last year, according to Alsmith Ricana, vice president of operations, was a turning point in coming up with fresh ideas in the company’s attempt to stay open during the pandemic’s peak.

“At the height of the epidemic, Leylam devised new methods for adapting and surviving.” It has partnered with two of the country’s largest delivery platforms to become a delivery leader in the food sector. Leylam was able to be at the forefront of (the) food delivery industry by the end of 2020,” he stated in a statement.

He said the opening of their drive-thru concept shop on bustling V. Rama Avenue here on Tuesday was a symbol of their company’s support to the Cebuano community in the battle against coronavirus, as well as their commitment to retain more than 1,000 workers despite the economic slump.

According to Ricana, the epidemic forced the business to find new methods to serve its clients.

It launched a mobile food truck in June 2020, intended to drive and park at various places where consumers’ movement was restricted owing to stringent quarantine procedures, he said.

Customers can purchase their favorite shawarma wraps, rice, and noodles without leaving their cars, according to Ricana. This shop is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With its “instagrammable” shop designs, new menu line, and quick casual service procedure, which was introduced when the business underwent a thorough rebranding in 2017, the company’s premium locations, he added, provide a unique eating experience.

In May 2005, this Turkish-inspired food company started introducing a unique cuisine variety to the Philippine market, capturing the warmth and food-loving characteristics of Filipinos.

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