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DOLE reports that 50K businesses were compliant with holiday pay from January to September.

In the first nine months of this year, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) reported that 50,000 businesses in the country had complied with the requirement of providing holiday pay to their employees.

In a Laging Handa briefing, Nicanor Bon, chief of the DOLE’s Policy and Program Development Division, said, “So, our compliance rate, as far as holiday pay is concerned, is high, 97 percent.”

Meanwhile, he claimed that over 1,400 businesses had failed to comply with the law.

“There are 1,472 people who did not comply.” So far, our data on holiday pay payment infractions has been limited,” he stated.

Businesses that completely ceased operations during the community quarantine, on the other hand, are not required to pay holiday pay, according to Bon.

Meanwhile, he stated that members of the public can go to their local DOLE offices or phone the DOLE Hotline 1349 to report businesses that have not paid their employees’ holiday pay.

“We have regional offices, provincial offices, satellite [offices], and they can go to the nearest DOLE office with authority over their jobs to make a complaint.” We have a DOLE hotline where people can get advice or make a complaint about company infractions by dialing 1349. You can also inquire about the addresses and phone numbers of other regional offices in the Philippines by calling the hotline 1349. There’s also the Department of Labor and Employment’s website, www.dole.gov.ph,” he added.

New Year’s Day (January 1); Labor Day (May 1); Holy Thursday (April 1); Good Friday (April 2); Araw ng Kagitingan (April 9); Independence Day (June 12); National Heroes’ Day (August 30); Bonifacio Day (November 30); Christmas Day (December 25); and Rizal Day are among the declared regular holidays this year (December 30).

Eid’l Fitr and Eid’l Adha, Islam’s two largest festivals, were also proclaimed regular holidays earlier this year, falling on May 13 and July 20, respectively.

If an employee reports to work on a regular holiday (regular), he or she will be paid 200 percent of his or her usual salary for the first eight hours [(Basic wage + COLA) x 200 percent] under DOLE pay guidelines.

If a worker does not work on a certain day, he or she will be paid 100% of his or her compensation for that day [(Basic wage + COLA) x 100%].

Furthermore, if the employee worked more than 8 hours on a given day (overtime labor), he or she will be paid an additional 30% of his or her hourly pay on that day (hourly rate of the basic wage x 200 percent x 130 percent x number of hours worked).

If an employee works on a regular holiday that also happens to be his or her rest day, he or she is entitled to an additional 30% of his or her daily rate of 200 percent [(Basic wage + COLA) x 200 percent] + [30 percent (Basic wage x 200 percent)].

If an employee works more than eight hours (overtime) on a regular holiday that also happens to be his or her rest day, he or she will be paid an additional 30% of his or her hourly rate on that day (hourly rate of the basic wage x 200 percent x 130 percent x 130 percent x number of hours worked).

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