November 9, 2021

With Alert Level 2 in the NCR, 100K jobs are expected to return to the labor market.

Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez claimed that 100,000 jobs are likely to return to the labor market when the alert level in the National Capital Region (NCR) is reduced further.

Since the NCR was reverted to the most restrictive community quarantine status in early July due to fears of the Delta strain of coronavirus illness 2019, Lopez said roughly 1.8 million jobs have been affected, according to a Palace briefing Monday (Covid-19).

“Around 100,000 jobs have not yet returned before Level 2,” according to our calculations. As we are now in Alert Level 2, we expect these jobs to return,” he remarked in a combination of English and Filipino.

Initially, Metro Manila was placed on Alert Level 3 until November 14.

As Covid-19 instances continued to decline last week, it was placed on Alert Level 2 last Friday.

Lopez urged Filipinos to follow basic health precautions such as wearing face masks, washing and sanitizing their hands, and maintaining physical distance.

Lopez advised Filipinos to wear anything that will protect their eyes to avoid catching Covid-19, despite attempts to make wearing face shields optional.

He added that adhering to public health guidelines will avoid another spike in Covid-19 instances and that Alert Level 2 can be maintained till next year.

As the number of daily cases drops into the hundreds, the trade head believes Alert Level 1 will be reached, allowing more economic activity and jobs to resume.

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