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On Numbers And Codes, Adult Dyslexia

Numbers and codes might be difficult to recall for those with dyslexia. This competence is vital in the adult world since it is related to maintaining bank accounts and dealing with monetary concerns.

Here are some strategies that most dyslexics employ to deal with their numerical difficulties.

Method of the Whole Numbers

When it comes to remembering phone numbers, some dyslexics adopt the entire number strategy. The first three digits are grouped together and treated as a whole number. The remaining four digits are then divided into two groups and treated as two complete numbers.

For example, the phone number is 806-6757, which is pronounced “eight hundred six hundred seventy-seven.” This strategy allows you to envision the sounds of words, making it more difficult for you to forget them.


When it comes to remembering codes, some dyslexics employ the dating technique. You can, for example, use your birth year as your door code or pin number.

Patterning Techniques

The usage of patterns is another technique for recalling numbers. It may be simpler to remember numbers if you create a pattern of digits on the phone pad. For example, “1478” creates a capital “L” design, whereas “25846” creates a cross.

Make Use of Your Knuckles

The majority of children utilize this strategy to recall how many days are in a month. It’s fine to use this even if you’re not a child. In fact, many dyslexic adults employ this strategy since they always have their knuckles with them.

Adding and Subtracting

When it comes to comparing numbers, some dyslexics struggle. Some people are unable to compare numbers visually. If you’re encountering a similar issue, you can use your calculator to determine that the numbers are different. Subtracting one number from the other is a good way to do it. If you get a zero, it means they’re the same, but if you don’t, it means they’re not.

It’s All About the Money

Some dyslexia symptoms might make it difficult to count money. This is really embarrassing for some folks. To avoid calculating out change, dyslexics frequently prepare themselves by having a larger banknote than the projected amount of transaction.

You can amass a large sum of money in this manner. Then you can get rid of them by calculating the exact amount of minor purchases you’ll be making in the near future. Putting the counted amount into a separate change purse will help the process go more smoothly.

Method of Dots

Some dyslexics have difficulty understanding number concepts, and one way they help themselves is by using this method. For the numbers one to nine, you visualize a specific pattern of dots. Using a dice can also be beneficial.


Some people rely on their memory to recall phone numbers. The numbers are perceived as parts of a larger picture or drawing in this method. What is then stored in your mind is the image. Remembering numbers will no longer be a problem with a little concentration on your part.

These are just a few of the strategies used by some adults with dyslexia to cope with their condition. However, keep in mind that each technique may differ from one case to the next. As a result, its effectiveness may vary.

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