November 20, 2021

The SEC has approved the IPO of Haus Talk, as well as the offering of EEI shares.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has approved Haus Talk Inc.’s initial public offering (IPO) and EEI Corporation’s preferred share offering.

The Commission en banc decided on November 18 to make effective the registration statements of Haus Talk covering 2.5 billion common shares and EEI covering 60 million perpetual preferred shares, subject to the companies meeting certain remaining requirements.

Haus Talk will offer up to 500 million common shares to the public at a price of up to PHP1.50 per share. The shares will be listed and traded on the Philippine Stock Exchange’s Small, Medium, and Emerging Boards (PSE).

The offer is expected to net the company up to PHP723.697 million. The proceeds will be used to acquire land, develop projects, and for general corporate purposes.

Haus Talk, founded in 2004, is a residential real estate developer led by the Madlambayan family with projects in Antipolo City and Laguna.

The company has sold nearly 1,900 housing units and has approximately 2,300 units under construction until 2023.

The company hired Investment & Capital Corporation of the Philippines as the offer’s issue manager and underwriter.

EEI will issue up to 40 million non-voting perpetual preferred shares to the public at a price of PHP100 each, with an oversubscription option of up to 20 million preferred shares.

If the oversubscription option is fully subscribed, the listed construction company could earn up to PHP5.95 billion from the offer.

The proceeds will be used to partially fund EEI’s future projects, to repay existing short-term loans, to fund capital expenditure for new equipment, and for general corporate and working capital needs.

The preferred share offer by EEI is scheduled to run from December 9 to 15, just in time for the shares to be listed on the PSE on December 24.

RCBC Capital Corporation has been appointed as the offer’s sole issue manager, and it will also serve as joint lead underwriter and bookrunner alongside SB Capital Investment Corporation.

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