November 23, 2021

Pakistan’s most current frigate in PH for a goodwill visit

The Pakistan Navy’s biggest and most current frigate, the PNS Tughril (F-261), has shown up in Manila for a two-day generosity visit.

In an assertion on Tuesday, Philippine Navy representative, Commander Benjo Negranza, said the PNS Tughril showed up at Pier 15 at the Manila South Harbor on Monday evening for an altruism visit until Wednesday.

“A straightforward welcome service was concurred by a Philippine Navy assignment headed by Capt. Emilio Orio Jr., the Deputy Assistant Chief of Naval Staff for Plans. Likewise present was Dr. Imtiaz Kazi, the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to the Philippines,” he added.

The PNS Tughril is the first of four Type 054A frigates requested by the Pakistan Navy from the China State Shipbuilding Corp. Ltd. It was dispatched last November 8.

Negranza said the visit of PNS Tughril would be closed with a farewell service with standard passing activities.

No other actual collaborations with their Filipino partners are planned for a light of the current security biohazard conventions.

“This altruism visit highlights the sustainment of maritime strategy and oceanic collaboration toward harmony and steadiness. It further talks well for the job that the two naval forces play in the turn of events and improvement of the connection between the two nations,” he added.

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