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The wetlands of Boracay will be highlighted on World Wetlands Day 2022 in the Philippines.

During the local commemoration of World Wetlands Day 2022 on February 2, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, through the Biodiversity Management Bureau (DENR-BMB), will recognize the progress made in the recovery of Boracay wetlands.

This year’s event, according to Environment Secretary Roy A. Cimatu, will focus on our concrete steps to rescue wetlands from further degradation.

“Wetlands are one of our country’s natural resources, thus they’ve been included in the continuing rehabilitation of Boracay Island. We feel that highlighting their significance through wetlands recovery and restoration on the island is an effective way to raise public awareness “Cimatu made the announcement in a press statement on Monday.

“By rehabilitating the ‘Wetlands of Boracay,’ we not only help to preserve the island’s biological functions, but we also help to diversify Boracay’s tourism attraction locations,” he added.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) will host a celebration of World Wetlands Day in the Philippines in the Boracay Wetland Conservation Park, previously Wetland No. 2, in Barangay Balabag, Boracay Island.

The event will highlight Aboitiz Equity Ventures Inc., Boracay Tubi System Inc., Energy Development Corp. (EDC), and J.G. Summit Olefins Corp.’s involvement in wetland protection.

After more than three years of rehabilitation, the EDC, as an adopter of the DENR’s “Adopt-a-Wetland Program,” will hand over the completed project for Wetland No. 2 to the DENR during the main ceremony.

This year’s World Wetlands Day, with the subject “Wetlands Action for People and Nature,” emphasizes the necessity of coordinated efforts in conserving and guaranteeing the sustainable use of wetlands for humans, the environment, and all living things that rely on them.

This year’s theme also serves as a “clarion call for Filipinos to act for the welfare of the country’s wetlands,” according to DENR-BMB officer-in-charge Director Natividad Bernardino.

“To prevent our wetlands from disappearing and repair those that have been degraded, we must spend financial, human, and political capital. It’s also a call to rethink and capitalize on nature-based solutions like wetlands conservation, which give sound and long-term advantages for humans, the ecosystem, and all living things on the globe “Bernardino expressed his thoughts.

Every year on February 2, World Wetlands Day is commemorated to raise global awareness of the importance of wetlands to people and the environment.

The Convention on Wetlands, which was adopted as an international treaty in 1971, also falls on this date.

In acknowledgment of the enormous importance of wetlands to the wellbeing of the Filipino people and the safeguarding of world biodiversity, Presidential Proclamation No. 74, Series of 1999 establishes February 2 each year as National Wetlands Day.

This year’s observance is particularly noteworthy because, thanks to a resolution passed by the United Nations General Assembly on Aug. 30, 2021, it will be recognized as a United Nations International Day for the first time.

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