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Sara expresses gratitude to supporters for the success of the campaign caravan.

Mayor Sara Z. Duterte expressed her gratitude to her supporters on social media on Wednesday for the success of their “Mahalin Natin ang Pilipinas Ride” (MNPR) campaign caravan, which began here on Tuesday.

Duterte posted a photo of the numerous goods she received from fans on her Facebook page, saying she would retain them as a memento for the first leg of the MNPR.

“We have a lot of friends on the street who came out to greet us with streamers and flowers. “I asked if I may retain it as a memento of MNPR’s first day,” she explained.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, leader of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, prayed for the safety of everyone joining the caravan during the MNPR’s send-off ceremony on Tuesday morning (February 1).

Senatorial candidates Jinggoy Estrada and Harry Roque, who were both riding their motorcycles with Sara, were present for the send-off.

The first stop was in Tagum City, Davao del Norte, where Duterte presided over the opening of the provincial offices of the Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.-Sara Duterte Alliance (MASADA).

In a brief message, Duterte congratulated supporters of the BBM-Sara tandem and urged them to unite in their quest for national unity.

Local supporters and members of the provincial Hugpong ng Pagbabago slate greeted her, including Davao de Oro Governor Tyron Uy, Vice Governor Maricar Zamora, First District Rep. Manuel ‘WayKurat’ Zamora, and others.

Thousands of people lined up along the highway connecting this city and Bislig City, waiting for Duterte and her entourage to arrive. The group landed in Bislig City, Surigao del Sur, after a nine-hour journey.

Duterte was joined by party secretary-general Prospero Pichay and his wife, Cantilan Mayor Carla Pichay, for the launching of the LAKAS-CMD Provincial Headquarters in Bislig City.

Sara also met Gov. Alexander Pimentel of Surigao del Sur and Rep. Johnny Pimentel of Bislig City at a separate event. Sara’s squad will fly to Surigao City on Wednesday morning from Bislig.

The MNPR caravan was conceived in response to the difficulties posed by the introduction of various travel and social gathering restrictions in the fight against the spread of Covid-19.

The three- to five-hour daily ride will include stops at tourist attractions, short meetings with local supporters, and the distribution of Philippine flags to remind Filipinos that meaningful change and long-term growth require unity.

The caravan will begin on the eastern side of Mindanao, in Cagayan Valley, and return to Davao on the western side, via Ilocos Norte.

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