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Farmers in N. Ecija anticipate higher output as a result of the new Farm to Market Road.

The Nueva Ecija Second District Engineering Office of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) has completed the construction of a farm-to-market road (FMR) in Barangay Sta. Arcadia, Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija, which is expected to improve the road network and increase productivity among farmer-residents.

On Wednesday, District Engineer Elpidio Y. Trinidad said the recently finished project will speed up agricultural product transport and expand opportunities for local farmers.

“We expect that this project will assist our farmers in Sta. Arcadia in expediting the transfer of harvested commodities, and we are confident that this initiative will benefit their livelihood.” In a social media post, Trinidad wrote, “We also aim to guarantee safe passage to other motorists transiting the area.”

The 3.13-kilometer project was made feasible by the DPWH and Department of Agriculture’s (DA) convergence initiative, which received financing of PHP12.2 million from the General Appropriations Act of 2021.

Farmers and townspeople praised the DPWH and DA for a job well done on the project.

Jose A. Escuadro, who has lived in the region for 50 years, described the problems they faced when the road was still in bad shape.

“Hindi na mapasok ng sasakyan kapag panahon ng tag-ulan halos.” Pinanghihila ang talagang kariton. However, ngayon na naging semento na medyo tumulin ang transport dito at guminhawa kaming mga magsasaka ngayon na naging semento na medyo tumulin ang transport dito. (During the wet season, no vehicle could enter save for carts pulling our products.) However, now that the road has been paved, commodities can be transported more quickly and conveniently for us farmers. If all of the roads are like this, farmers like me will be able to make a living faster),” Escuadro added.

Local farmer Lourdes V. Nacis also spoke about her experiences when the road was still being built.

“Binabaha noong hindi pa sementado, maputik.” Parang sapa ‘yan kapag bumabaha. Yung mga sasakyan nababalahaw. Dahil naayos yung kalsada namin, nagpapasalamat kami. Ang mabilis na kaming makalabas at pag merong itatakbo sa doktor, mabilis nakakalabas yung mga tricycle (When it wasn’t yet cemented, it was muddy and flooded.) It resembled a creek when flooded. The vehicles became bogged down in mud. We are grateful for the newly paved road. We can go out faster, and if we need to take someone to the doctor, our tricycle can travel faster),” Nacis explained.

Under the DPWH-DA convergence program, three farm-to-market roads were also built in Nueva Ecija last year.

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