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It’s risky to presume Omicron’s final variant: Executive Director, World Health Organization

The World Health Organization (WHO) in the Philippines cautioned against making the “dangerous” assumption that Omicron would bring the epidemic to a close since additional varieties could arise.

“There are many unknowns regarding how this epidemic may develop in the future. It’s really risky to presume that Omicron would be the last version or that we’re nearing the finish of the game “In a Laging Handa briefing, acting WHO Philippines representative Dr. Rajendra Yadav remarked.

“New variants may evolve, and these new variants may dodge our countermeasures, becoming totally resistant to present vaccines, necessitating vaccine changes,” he noted.

Despite increased vaccine supplies around the world, certain nations still have low vaccination coverage and significant virus transmission, which he believes could lead to new variations.

In Africa, for example, Yadav stated that certain nations are still struggling with vaccination rollouts, with only 11 percent of the population fully vaccinated.

“Less vaccination equals greater transmission, and more transmission means we’re more likely to see new variations emerge. However, this can happen in any country. Because we cannot virus-proof our international boundaries, what happens in other nations has an impact on the Philippines as well “he stated

“So, if additional nations have low vaccination coverage and significant virus transmission, new variations are likely to emerge in the following weeks or months. Let’s hope that’s not the case “Added he.

According to Yadav, there were “very few deaths” in the Philippines during the latest Omicron outbreak, and the country’s healthcare utilization rate is “pretty constant.” Despite this, citizens and government officials must remain cautious.

“So, for the time being, we can say the worst is gone, but just for the time being since we have no idea how long this current good position will endure. We must hope for the best while preparing for the worst “he stated

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