June 15, 2021

The total number of people rescued by PH Covid-19 is 1,246,405 people.

After 6,667 new recoveries on Tuesday, the total number of recovered coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) cases in the nation has reached 1,246,405.

The Department of Health (DOH) highlighted in its most recent case report that recoveries account for 93.9 percent of the overall case count, which has reached 1,327,431 since the epidemic began last year.

A total of 5,389 new cases were reported by the agency, increasing the total number of active cases to 58,063.

91.8 percent of active cases are mild, 3.8 percent asymptomatic, 1.3 percent critical, 1.8 percent severe, and 1.30 percent moderate.

There were also 118 more deaths, bringing the total number of Covid-19 fatalities in the nation to 22,963.

On June 13, the Department of Health reported that 13.9 percent of the 30,472 people who were tested for Covid-19 were positive.

“The overall case count was reduced by nine duplicates, four of which were recovered cases. Furthermore, 304 previously reported recoveries have been verified as active cases, while 65 previously marked as recoveries have been reclassified as fatalities after final validation “According to the Department of Health.

On June 13, all of the labs were operational, however 16 of them were unable to upload their data to the COVID-19 Document Repository System (CDRS).

Based on data from the previous 14 days, the 16 non-reporting labs account for 5.5 percent of samples examined and 7.1 percent of positive persons, according to the DOH.

Patients with Covid-19 are now using 59 percent of 3,500 critical care unit beds, 47 percent of 19,000 isolation beds, 48 percent of 12,400 ward beds, and 37 percent of 2,800 ventilators throughout the country.

Meanwhile, in the National Capital Region, 46 percent of 1,200 critical care unit beds, 36 percent of 4,800 isolation beds, 33 percent of 3,600 ward beds, and 33 percent of 1,000 ventilators are allocated to patients with Covid-19.

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