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Green Logistics Trailblazers: Mober Grabs Top Honors at KMC Startup Awards!

Witness a sustainability triumph! Mober’s groundbreaking win at the KMC Startup Awards showcases their commitment to eco-friendly logistics, leading the charge in transforming the landscape of logistics in the Philippines.


Mober was recognized for leading the Philippines’ movement to green logistics at the inaugural KMC Startup Awards

Mober, a frontrunner in green logistics services in the Philippines, has been awarded as one of the most promising and sustainable startups in the Philippines at the first-ever KMC Startup Awards of the Philippine Startup Week. This award recognizes and celebrates businesses that have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices.

Out of more than 200 submissions received for consideration, Mober bagged the silver award in the Sustainable Business Practice Award for its commitment to making the logistics industry in the Philippines greener and more sustainable through the use of electric vehicles (EVs). Mober was recognized under the category alongside gold winner Cubo Modular and bronze winner Bambuhay, 

The KMC Startup Awards, with its awards night held on November 24, 2023, provides a platform to inspire innovation and recognize outstanding startups and visionary entrepreneurs reshaping the business and technology landscapes in the Philippines. It is co-presented by Bossjob, in collaboration with Philippine Startup WeekQBO Innovation HubKaya Founders, the Sinigang Valley Association, and Uniquecorn Strategies, and in partnership with 917Ventures and Amazon Web Services. 

Mober Founder and CEO Dennis Ng expressed his gratitude for the recognition.

“We at Mober are immensely thankful to KMC Solutions and all its partners for recognizing our dedication towards sustainable delivery service in the country. The award not only celebrates our journey towards sustainability but also reinforces our resolve to innovate and lead in creating a more environmentally responsible Philippines. Our efforts in reducing carbon emissions and promoting green logistics have only just begun, and this accolade inspires us to set new benchmarks in our industry.”

Since it transitioned to EVs in 2021, Mober has been providing green delivery solutions to retail giants such as IKEA Philippines, SM Appliance Center, Unilever Philippines, Nestle Philippines, and Nespresso, as well as renowned logistics companies Maersk and Kuehne+Nagel. 

This year, Mober made significant strides toward its commitment to green logistics after it unveiled its flagship EV charging hub in Pasay City and expanded its EV fleet to 60, further cementing its unwavering dedication to an eco-friendly future.

The company aims to become the leading green logistics delivery provider in Southeast Asia by securing a mixed fleet of 100 electric vans and trucks by the first half of 2024. 



With a current focus on the Philippine market, Mober aims to be the leading green logistics delivery provider in Southeast Asia by becoming the largest operator of delivery EVs in the region. Established in July 2015, Mober is a Manila-based third-party delivery service company founded by serial entrepreneur and EY-trained auditor Dennis Ng. With its 80-person team, including delivery drivers, Mober, has road explosive growth in the delivery service sector over the past several years, is well-positioned to pioneer EV deployments in the Philippines. 

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