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In CDO, 29 of 32 Omicron variant cases recover.

CITY OF CAGAYAN DE ORO – The municipal health office (CHO) revealed Tuesday that 29 of the 32 coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) Omicron variant cases in the city have recovered.

The remaining three, according to Dr. Ted Yu Jr., CHO medical officer, tested negative in their reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction tests but are currently awaiting official release orders, according to an online briefer.

According to him, 31 of the 32 Omicron instances – 21 females and 11 men – are local, while one is a returning abroad Filipino (ROF).

Five of the cases are from Balulang village, three from Kauswagan, Nazareth, Iponan, and Cugman villages, and two each from Patag, Carmen, Macabalan, and Gusa villages, according to Yu.

San Simon, Puntod, Bulua Macasandig, Bugo, Lapasan, and Indahag villages each had one incidence of the variation.

The cases’ specimen samples were taken on January 7th for the ROF and January 15th and 16th for the local cases.

On Monday, February 14, the local government received the results from the Philippine Genome Center.
According to Yu, the latest batch of the Omicron strain originated from various houses, and the initial seven cases in the city had no close contact.

“The best thing about these 32 new cases is that none of them came from the same family. They are from various residences, as opposed to the Delta variation, which included cases from the same home “he stated

The city government announced the first batch of Omicron cases in the city on February 2, consisting of seven instances.

All of them have recovered from the variation, and the Omicron strain had no effect on their first-generation close connections.

So far, the CHO has identified 39 Omicron cases, 35 of which have been linked to this city.

Vaccination for children

Meanwhile, the city reported that 790 children aged five to eleven years old received their first dose of Covid-19 immunization on Monday, the first day of the pediatric vaccination against the virus.

According to Yu, 730 of the total vaccinated youngsters have no comorbidities, whereas 60 have them.

In collaboration with the Department of Health – Northern Mindanao (DOH-10) and SM Downtown Premier, the municipal administration started pediatric vaccinations at SM Downtown Premier for children without comorbidities and JR Borja General Hospital for those with medical issues.

Following the introduction on February 14, the CHO and DOH-10 launched the vaccine for children aged 5 to 11 at Centrio Ayala Mall on Tuesday.

Yu encouraged parents to register their children for vaccinations under the age range, since the city government only provides services to those who have received text messages from the city.

“It is critical that parents pre-register their children because we do not offer ‘walk-in’ vaccinations for children aged five to eleven. Children who have pre-registered will be given priority “he stated

Yu urged parents to participate, noting that the city’s pediatric group has a target population of 55,000 children, but they have only tallied about 10,000 pre-registered children thus far.

Parents interested in registering their children should go to services.cagayandeoro.gov.ph:8087/vaccprereg and select category E1.0 for children without comorbidities and category E1.1 for children with comorbidities.

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