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LTFRB requests that MMDA and LGUs halt franchise-related arrests.

To ensure that the nation’s public transportation system has enough capacity to handle the anticipated increase in passenger volume, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) is attempting to suspend the detention of public utility vehicles (PUV) related to franchise violations.

LTFRB Chair Cheloy Garafil disclosed discussions on suspending these suspicions with the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and some local government units (LGU) in a Laging Handa briefing on Wednesday.

“Pumayag naman ang MMDA na huwag munang manghuli with respect to the nila’s various paraprangkisa. However, with regard to other infractions like as careless driving and other traffic infractions, they were always huhulihin po sila (The MMDA decided to halt franchise-related suspicions. But they will still be arrested for other offenses, including dangerous driving, of course,” Garafil warned.

The action was taken in response to requests from several PUV operators for the LTFRB to waive fines associated with PUV units restarting operations without a valid or active franchise.

She said, “Now, I’ve given our Executive Director [Robert Peig] the task of looking into all expired units that weren’t in use during the pandemic because we have some PUVs that were in use at the time. I’ve also tasked him to look into all expired units that were, but I’ve asked him to look into all expired units that weren’t, she said.

For enough capacity in public transportation, she stated at the briefing that the LTFRB would also continually reopen pre-pandemic PUV routes across the nation.

According to her, as of this writing, 28 of the 33 recently reopened city bus routes in Metro Manila are running again, while the reopened jeepney and UV Express routes are also running again but are not yet operating at full capacity due to the need for maintenance on some of the equipment that has been idle for two years.

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