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Recruiters and employers should be more assertive, Tulfo.

On Wednesday, Senator Raffy Tulfo encouraged the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) to step up its battle against abusive employers and recruitment firms that disregarded their duty to domestic workers (DH).

Tulfo proposed that the DMW screen potential employers and agencies amid reports of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) suffering from mental disorders and being victimized by blacklisted recruitment agencies who still manage to ply their trades during the Senate hearing of the Committee on Migrant Workers, which he chaired.

In order to avoid unfair discrimination against foreign employers and recruiters, “Kailangan po siguro na mayroon profiling sa mga foreign employers at recruiters, kasi pwedeng basta na lang tayo magpapasa ng tao sa mga employer’yun pala may sira na ang ulo, (o) galing sa psychiatric ward (We must screen overseas employers and recruiters; we cannot simply hand our OFWs over to companies since some of them may be experiencing mental health issues.) Tulfo informed Susan Ople, DMW Secretary.

A DH who was sexually assaulted by her bosses but was able to return home was one example the senator noted. But the same boss also sexually assaulted a second DH that was supplied by the same employment agency.

Ople brought up another issue with recruiting companies’ marketing strategies, which sent agent recruiters into the provinces to court potential DH but were exempt from liability if a problem arose because the victim’s family only knew the recruiter agent.

She claimed that all employment agencies and their personnel are currently being profiled to see if they are qualified for their jobs.

She added that the bilateral labor agreements between the Philippines and Portugal, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, and Romania are now being studied by the DMW and the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

In the event that the Philippines decide to forbid the deployment of OFWs there, these five nations will act as an alternate market against Middle Eastern nations.

In Portugal, Hungary, Croatia, and Romania, Ople claimed that there are indefinite demands for DH, healthcare professionals, and skilled workers.

She added that an OFW hospital had opened in Mabalacat, Pampanga.

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