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The DA awards P2 million to help the hog farmers in Antique town

The Department of Agriculture (DA) has awarded a PHP 2 million financial grant to a group of hog farmers in the municipality of Sibalom as part of its Enhanced Kadiwa ni Ani at Kita inclusive food supply chain initiative.

The Sibalom Livestock and Poultry Raisers Association (SILPRA) will receive PHP500,000 of the total amount in 2020. The remaining PHP1.5 million was turned over during an event held in an Iloilo City hotel on Wednesday and will be used to buy a hauling vehicle.

Marites Solis, the director general’s (DA) chief of the Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Division (AMAD), stated in an interview on Thursday that the money was intended first for capital build-up and subsequently for the SILPRA carrying vehicle.

Elma Pea, president of SILPRA, expressed her gratitude for the organization’s selection as the grant’s recipient.

In a different interview, she explained, “The financial award of PHP500,000 was used to purchase hogs that we were rearing and transporting to Semirara Island in Caluya during the peak of Covid-19 (coronavirus disease 2019).

Due to the increased demand for consumption by Semirara Coal Mining Corp. employees, lightweight hogs are supplied to Semirara Island.

We won’t need to rent a car anymore because we’ll have a hauling vehicle of our own, she remarked.

According to Pea, they deliver hogs to Semirara island twice a month for a charge of PHP15,000 for every 50 heads.

When they receive orders from the traders there, SILPRA, which has 500 members, consolidates or purchases the hogs from their hog raiser members and ships them to Semirara or even to regions in Luzon.

The 2018-founded SILPRA has a meat shop at the Sibalom livestock in the center of town, giving its members a reliable market and a cut of the profits.

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