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For the 15 to 30 age range, higher-paying employment is desired.

On Sunday, Senator Sonny Angara urged that the government create positions for those between the ages of 15 and 30 that would pay more and be of higher quality because this age group receives the lowest salary in the nation.

According to data from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), 13.8 million people between the ages of 15 and 30 are working.

The primary industries where they work include wholesale and retail, auto and motorcycle repair, forestry and agriculture, construction, manufacturing, administrative and support services, and manufacturing.

According to the PSA, at least 2.02 million of them were underemployed in 2021 or were working but looking for more hours or alternative positions that could offer them more hours.

β€œIt’s clear to me that the quality of jobs we produce is what we should look after. Angara said in a statement on Sunday, “We should be asking ourselves and our government agencies should be asking ourselves what we can do to help enable the private sector to develop higher paying, higher quality jobs.”

If the government wanted to make a significant dent in the unemployment and underemployment rates, he claimed it couldn’t be satisfied with simply pushing for the creation of more low-paying jobs in the same sectors.

According to Angara, young individuals who lose their employment or struggle to find work are more susceptible to “scarring,” or the phenomena where their future labor market outcomes are worse than those of their peers, even when the economic conditions where they are placed improve.

In order to help the private sector, particularly businesses and industries, produce higher-paying jobs for Filipinos, Angara argued that government agencies should get involved in job development. “We can refocus public spending on the green, care, and digital industries, which will eventually increase the nation’s gross domestic product while also creating a sizable number of new jobs.”

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