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UAE honors fallen soldiers’ family members Filipino nursing

The late Filipino nurse Lezly Orine Ocampo, who died at the height of the pandemic after contracting the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) while on the job, was honored by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Embassy in Manila.

Ocampo’s family, including her eight-year-old daughter Shammy, who was just five when Ocampo passed away, was given an honorary tribute on Thursday night at the UAE National Day event by UAE Ambassador to the Philippines Mohamed Obaid Alqataam Alzaabi.

With the UAE Embassy in Manila playing a recording of UAE President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan (MBZ), who personally conveyed his condolences to the bereaved in 2020, Ocampo was also given fresh recognition together with four other front-liners.

Ocampo spent three years as a nurse in an Abu Dhabi home center serving elderly patients.

In spite of the lockdown, according to her partner Julius Concepcion, she performed her responsibilities conscientiously and cared for her patients up until April 27, 2020, when she contracted a serious case of Covid-19.

Despite her coughing bouts getting worse, communication between them remained consistent for two weeks.

“Hirap na hirap na siya, pati dugo lumalabas na sa kanya kapag umuubo, pero akakausap namin siya. Although we were able to speak with her, she was already going through a terrible time as of May 10 when we last made touch with her. Her telephone was ringing and ringing continuously at the time. Already, she was spitting blood. I was unable to get in touch with her up until May 10. Just now, her phone began to ring “According to Concepcion, the Philippine News Agency (PNA).

On May 12, 2020, Ocampo passed away from the illness.

“”Mahal na mahal ko kayo, huwag niyong pababayaan si Shammy,” she said, referring to the “yong anak namin.” Hirap na hirap na siya, parang namamaalam na siya. In our most recent discussion, she stated: “I love you very much and take care of Shammy [our daughter].” Itong anak namin ang lagi niyang binabanggit. It appeared as though she was bidding farewell. She kept bringing up our child), “Narrated by Concepcion.

Ocampo, like many other Filipino women, overcame homesickness and emigrated to another country in order to support her then-3-year-old child.

Concepcion claimed that his wife would have taken a vacation in the Philippines in May 2020 if the lockdown had not occurred.

Julius was told not to hesitate if there was anything the UAE could do to help in the audio clip played by the embassy, which was narrated by MBZ.

At this point, Concepcion declared that his daughter’s future was his top priority.

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