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Bacolod will introduce a ride-hailing service for city government offices.

In order to make the most effective use of its fleet of vehicles, the city administration in this location carried out a physical inventory of all of its operable vehicles over the weekend in advance of the introduction of a ride-hailing service.

Prior to the system’s launch the following week, Mayor Alfredo Benitez claimed he had introduced the MABB Cab to city drivers.

“Similar to a ride-hailing app (applications). The software allows any city government agency to reserve a service vehicle, “In a statement, he said.

A vehicle that is not in use can be reserved by other offices as necessary, as not all vehicles transport workers on official business every day.

This is also a method of keeping track of the state of the municipal government’s vehicles and making sure all of the drivers are providing necessary services to all of the offices, he added.

The Negros Occidental provincial government’s Capitol Cab, a ride-hailing service with a computerized booking application that manages the travel requirements of provincial government personnel on official business, is the model for the MABB Cab system.

According to the General Services Office’s inventory, the city possesses about 500 operable automobiles, but so far only 378 of those have been located.

We need to locate the 122 units so that we can properly catalog our fleet of vehicles, he said.

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