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One of the safest places is Mimaropa: Azurin

Police Regional Office (PRO) Mimaropa has been praised by Philippine National Police (PNP) head Gen. Rodolfo Azurin for maintaining its ranking as one of the three safest regions in the nation.

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Azurin applauded the acknowledgment of PRO-continued Mimaropa’s anti-criminality and counter-insurgency initiatives by local government units, stakeholders, and the community, which led to a 5.24 percent decrease in the amount of crime in 2022.

This contributed to the “successful surrender of more than 180 communist insurgents in the region” and “maintained its ranking as the Top 3 safest region throughout the country,” Azurin said on Thursday during his command visit to Camp BGen Efigenio C. Navarro in Barangay Suqui.

He commended the leadership of PRO-Mimaropa for “heeding the request of the Secretary of the Interior and Local Government (Benjamin Abalos) for courtesy resignation in an attempt to cleanse the ranks of the organization with rogue police officers who engaged in illegal substances.”

We are all aware of the current difficulties the PNP is experiencing, and we think that these problems highlight the necessity for the organization to execute serious and long-lasting change.

Director of PRO-Mimaropa Brig. Gen. Sidney Sultan Hernia committed to maintaining the PNP’s successes in maintaining law and order in the area.

Hernia declared, “We will make every effort to continue working as a team to retain the results we earned in the prior year.

Azurin also mentioned the PNP’s dedication to the Revitalized PNP Kasimbayanan (RPK), which aims to maximize collaboration with different community and religious leaders in order to transform the PNP organization as well as the community it serves and defends.

According to him, PRO-accomplishments Mimaropa’s “is a tribute to the successful implementation of laws and the good connection (among) the triad of police, church, and community.”

On September 26, 2022, the RPK went nationwide.

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