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DOST promotes regionally created ideas in health and beauty

The development of two local breakthroughs in beauty and health, which are slated for release in July, has been supported, according to the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), which made the announcement on Thursday.

A skin-reviving product named Skivios was recently created by Doralyn Dalisay, a Balik scientist, in collaboration with the local pharmaceutical company Maridan Industries, Inc., according to the DOST, to assist in treating skin issues and infections.

The DOST said that it had supported a project in which Maridan Industries and the University of San Agustin in Iloilo City collaborated to create locally sourced innovations in the fields of health and beauty, ranging from pharmaceutical medications to herbal, cosmetic, and skincare items.

DOST Leah Buendia stated in a statement, “Through enhancing scientific infrastructure, like the three laboratories at the University of San Agustin, we open new possibilities for research and product development for the benefit of local enterprises.

Buendia continued by saying that the DOST strongly supports collaborations between the public sector, private sector, and academic community. This will foster an innovative environment and open up lucrative chances for our neighborhood businesses, she said.

The University of San Agustin is the only biobank in the nation, according to the DOST, to have more than 3,000 samples of healthy bacteria that have been gathered by both researchers and Balik Scientists. These beneficial bacteria were gathered from several regions of the Philippines in order to create locally sourced antibiotics.

In July, Skivios will introduce items including face serum and toner. They can be utilized as part of a skincare routine, cosmetic routine, and bedtime routine.

An agricultural product from the Ilonggo people called kadios is rumored to resemble some skin disorders. Jonel Saludes, another scientist from Balik, asserts that kadios (Cajanus cajan) contains a natural antibiotic.

Earlier, Saludes and Dalisay collaborated with another company, GalenX, to create Honelle Wound Gel, which uses medical-grade honey to help combat wound infection.

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