June 25, 2021

A potable water project will assist 150 IP households in SoCot

An innovative potable water system project funded by the Department of Science and Technology would assist at least 150 families in isolated indigenous peoples (IP) settlements in Lake Sebu and Tboli municipalities in South Cotabato (DOST).

DOST-Region 12 Director Sammy Malawan stated Friday that they are working on constructing hydraulic ram pumps (hydrams) in three highland villages to assist with the restricted availability of potable water.

The suggested sites are in Tboli’s Barangay Laconon and Lake Sebu’s Barangay Ned’s sitios Lamdel and Fidaw.

The Science Technology Aqua Ram Pump (STARP) was presented by a DOST-12 team to South Cotabato Second District Representative Ferdinand Hernandez, whose office would finance the project.

“On Saturday, our team will perform site inspections and evaluations for the planned hydraulic ram pump installation,” Malawan said in a statement.

Hydrams use the energy from flowing water, such as a spring, stream, or river, to pump water to a height above its source, according to a DOST briefer.

It has a multi-media filtering system with activated carbon, pebbles, coarse sand, and fine sand that pushes an average water flow of 22 liters per minute.

The target regions are IP communities served by the Army’s 5th Special Forces Battalion’s community assistance program.

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