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PBBM advises “Solid North” politicians to remain unified and relevant.

On Tuesday, President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. asked lawmakers in his region, the so-called “Solid North,” to support the nation by fortifying the regional bloc’s alliance and maintaining its relevance.

Marcos made the call when the newly elected Northern Luzon Alliance (NLA) leaders took the oath of office at Malacaan Palace.

In his speech, Marcos recognized the unity of the Northern Luzon parliamentarians, which had existed even under the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr., who was revered as the Ilocano’s political and cultural ancestor.

He admitted that the NLA had to go through “difficult times” when the organization was viewed as “politically irrelevant.”

Despite this, the President expressed gratitude for the alliance’s steadfast will to continue together and in power, even after the Marcoses temporarily lost political favor with the succeeding regimes.

The Ilocano bloc held together during those trying times. And as a result, we are currently celebrating the swearing-in of new Northern Alliance officers here at the Palace, remarked Marcos.

“Kaya’t let us take that as our lesson that really what has kept us going, what has kept us strong, and what has kept us relevant in national politics,” he continued.

Marcos reiterated claims that Ilocanos are “overrepresented” in politics and government because Filipinos view them as “good workers [who] will bring value to government service.”

He urged the “Solid North” outlaws to press on, telling them his administration would provide the required assistance.

“And there is maybe a point to that, but the reason that is – is that we help each other because we stay solid,” added Marcos.

And it has kept us afloat over the lean years, or kung tawagin as we refer to them. And as I already mentioned, the Ilocano bloc’s unity and power have persisted and have been of great assistance to us. Consequently, let’s continue. You now have our support, and instead of just fighting on, “may katulong na kayo dito sa taas,” he said.

The majority of the congressmen in the NLA are from provinces that produce tobacco.

NLA’s honorary chairperson is Ferdinand Alexander “Sandro” Marcos III, a Ilocos Norte’s 1st District representative.

The new officers of the NLA are Rep. Angelo Marcos Barba of the Ilocos Norte 2nd District as president, Rep. Maximo Dalog Jr. of the Mountain Province as executive vice president, Rep. Arthur Celeste of the Pangasinan 1st District as vice president for Region 1, Rep. Antonio Albano of the Isabela 1st District as vice president for Region 2, Rep. Allen Jesse Mangaoang of the CAR and Kalinga as vice president, and Rep.

Rep. Franciso Paolo Ortega V of La Union’s first district, Rep. Kristine Singson-Meehan of Ilocos Sur’s second district, and Rep. Joseph Tan of Isabela’s fourth district are more NLA representatives.

As you may recall, Marcos won the May 9, 2022, presidential election in the “Solid North,” his family’s traditional bastion.

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