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Vice President Sara promotes peacebuilding and educational reforms.

Sara Duterte, vice president and secretary of the Department of Education (DepEd), has been working to overhaul the educational system and promote entrepreneurship and peacebuilding.

The Vice President delivered the keynote address at the “Tambobong Indakan Festival” on Saturday night in Malabon City. Mayor Jeannie Sandoval welcomed her.

“I like VP Sara greatly because of the education she has provided for the aforementioned group of citizens. I respect VP Sara because she cherishes education. She is nangunguna sa laban upang tugunan ang mga hamon at kakulangan na maaari pang punan sa system ng edukasyon sa ating bansa. In her opening remarks, Sandoval stated that as Secretary of Education, she is leading the charge to solve the difficulties and shortcomings in our nation’s educational system.

According to a news release from the Office of the Vice President (OVP) posted on the Facebook page of the Presidential Communications Office, Sandoval was referring to livelihood programs “Mag-Negosyo ‘Ta Day” and Peace 911, which were implemented in Davao City while the Vice President served as mayor.

I also admire VP Sara because she recognizes the value of peace and providing opportunities for women to earn a living, Sandoval said in her introduction speech.

The Vice President advocated in her speech for a high-quality education to combat social inequities and make young people the cornerstones of the nation’s progress.

“An agenda for the MATATAG program for the Marcos administration is being developed at the Department of Education, man po. It is currently being discussed in detail in our ating bansa at the loob ng anim na taon. It is a matter of basic education. Lay it out for everyone to be able to use isang batang makabansa and isang bansang makabata. We created a clear agenda for the Marcos administration in the DepEd. This is supposed to adjust our nation’s fundamental education system within six years. We all want to foster a patriotic and pro-youth nation, Duterte stated.

“Paniguraduhin po tayo na paniguraduhin na ang ating mga anak ay pumapasok sa paaralan at makatapos ng pag-aaral. Nanawagan po ako sa inyong lahat dito sa Malabon. I’m pleading with all of you in Malabon to make sure that our kids attend school and complete their education. This will help reduce crime, illegal drug use, support for the NPA, and terrorism. Because these things will ruin their future, let’s keep kids away from crime, illicit substances, the New People’s Army, and terrorists,” she stated.

Duterte created other OVP projects to improve Filipinos’ quality of life and help them develop their entrepreneurial potential.

She made mention of a local aid program for small and medium-sized businesses.

“We have Mag Negosyo ‘Ta Day, where we give PHP100,000 to PHP500,000 cash assistance to groups of women, LGBTQ people, or people with disabilities who are interested in starting their businesses,” she said.

According to Duterte, PagbaBAGo and Peace 911 initiatives promote “family planning, responsible parenting, and the value of education” in local communities.

One of the highlights of Malabon’s 424th founding anniversary was the celebration.

The “One Barangay, One Product” exhibit opened during the event, featuring dances illustrating the city’s culture and history.

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