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PNP approves over 44K officer promotions

According to PNP commander Gen. Benjamin Acorda Jr., 43,909 police commissioned officers (PCOs) and police non-commissioned officers (PNCOs) have received promotions due to their credentials, performance, and merit across the nation’s 17 regions.

Acorda announced in a statement that he will personally swear in 607 PCOs on Monday afternoon.

The PCOs would be recruited primarily from the ranks of qualified NCOs and certain civilians for appointment as line officers and technical service officers into the PNP officer corps through the lateral entrance.

“By these human resource actions of promotion and lateral entry appointment, we are recognizing the good performance shown by these employees and, simultaneously, professionalizing the service by appointing more responsible and qualified personnel and officers to crucial frontline service positions,” Acorda said.

In the first quarter of the “Tugon ng Masa” poll by OCTA Research, Acorda commended all units for achieving a high public confidence and satisfaction rating of 80%.

According to him, the confidence and contentment with the PNP confirm the findings of other relevant public surveys, including the belief held by 85% of Filipinos that President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. is moving the country in the right way.

He asserted that the PNP will earn back the public’s faith by pledging to provide sincere public service and honest performance, even at the risk of their life.

According to Acorda, “To ensure this commitment, the PNP has an institutionalized disciplinary mechanism in place that administers a judicious system of reward and punishment that is quick to give due recognition for good performance, yet swift and decisive in imposing stiff sanctions for misconduct and discipline breach.”

Acorda confidently asserted that the government is succeeding in its war against illegal drugs at the current pace of PNP anti-illegal drugs operations.

“23,395 drug personalities were apprehended in 17,668 police operations against illegal substances in the four months from January 1 to May 19, 2023. A significant amount of illegal substances, estimated to be valued PHP5.76 billion, were seized in these operations, according to Acorda.

The PNP is concentrating more on the preventive aspect of crime control by the 2023 national crime prevention program approved by President Marcos on May 2 through Memorandum Circular No. 19. This is done by removing the tools of crime and violence, tracking down the criminal elements which set the criminal motive in motion, hardening soft targets, and establishing strong police presence to deny further opportunities for crime to be committed.

According to him, police operations involving the seizure of stray weapons and the arrest of wanted individuals place a greater emphasis on these crime-prevention measures.

Since January 1, police efforts targeting stray weapons have resulted in 10,971 recovered, turned in, and confiscated weapons from 3,435 arrested people.
PNP units also acquired a total of 6,221 weapons for storage.

“To complement the firearms control measure as a preventive action against crime, the PNP also arrested 27,948 wanted persons and accepted the surrender of 153 other wanted persons over the same 4-month period this year,” the official said.

“Over the same 4-month period, the PNP neutralized 187 criminal organizations with the arrest of 854 and surrender of 86 gang members and confiscating 126 firearms,” he continued. “Aside from operations against wanted persons and unsecured firearms.

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