July 15, 2021

LGUs in Bicol has issued a warning against the illicit selling of Covid-19 vaccinations

Local government units in Bicol have been warned by the Department of Health regional office (DOH-5) to keep an eye on potential illicit sales of coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) vaccinations in their areas.

The agency stated in a statement on Thursday that it had received a complaint of a man offering PHP50 per person for Covid-19 immunization, but the location was not specified.

“All local chief executives, health offices, and immunization locations are urged to keep an eye on the situation and take steps to prevent it from happening again. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may be notified of such occurrences by sending an email to ereport@fda.gov.ph with full information of the incident “DOH-5 remarked.

It also reminded the public that under the government’s immunization program, all Covid-19 vaccinations are provided free of charge to eligible people.

“The Department of Health in Bicol reiterates that all public health services and commodities, including Covid-19 vaccinations, are provided free of charge. Because the vaccinations are procured by the national government, any kind of payment, whether voluntary or gift, from people who get the Covid-19 immunizations, is prohibited. The Covid-19 vaccinations would be distributed free of charge to Filipinos “According to the announcement,

The FDA said that charging for Covid-19 immunization is detrimental to the government’s inoculation policy since it may raise vaccine apprehension in certain areas.

Meanwhile, another shipment of 4,840 AstraZeneca vaccine vials arrived at the Legazpi Domestic Airport on Thursday.

The newest delivery, according to Noemi Bron, DOH-Bicol Health and Promotion director, is for the second dosage of health professionals, elderly citizens, and those with comorbidities.

Because each vial includes 10 doses, she claims the vaccinations can inoculate 48,400 individuals.

The vaccinations were transported here to be inventoried and distributed to the provinces by the Department of Health’s cold storage facility.

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