August 6, 2021

DTI is opposed to restricting the travel of unvaccinated individuals.

The proposal to restrict the travel of unvaccinated people in the face of the danger of the Delta form of the coronavirus illness in 2019 does not sit well with Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez (Covid-19).

Lopez said in a television appearance on Tuesday night that the timing is not yet right to adopt such a program, citing the current shortage of Covid-19 vaccinations as justification.

If we reach the point when there is an excess of vaccines available and more supply than demand, he believes that would be a wise approach.

He went on to say that this might be done in the future to urge people who are not yet vaccinated to receive their Covid-19 shots.

Local government officials in the Cebuano city of Lapu-Lapu have issued an executive order requiring citizens to show their vaccination cards while visiting marketplaces, thus restricting the mobility of unvaccinated people.

Mayor Junard Chan of Lapu-Lapu City said that the poor attendance at vaccination locations prompted the implementation of this policy, which he believes would motivate their people to get vaccinated.

As of July 27, according to government statistics, the nation has given more than 18 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.

On Tuesday, the nation recorded a record-breaking number of vaccines administered in a single day, with 659,029 shots administered.

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