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The DTI mentoring program helps Central Visayas entrepreneurs improve their abilities

48 young entrepreneurs from Central Visayas expect to gain more insights and tips on how to improve their businesses amid the Covid-19 pandemic by the end of the Kapatid Mentor ME (KMME) – Money Market Encounter Online of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI-7) and the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The KMME mentees were introduced on Friday, October 3, 2021, through the Zoom video conferencing site, and are made up of 14 MSMEs from Cebu, Bohol, and Negros Oriental, as well as six from Siquijor.

Owners, co-owners, and managers of companies in the food, tourist, manufacturing, and trade sectors are among the mentees, who range in age from 18 to 35.

The mentoring and workshop program will consist of ten modules covering a variety of subjects.

It will last between 10 and 15 days, depending on the mentors’ availability.

The Business Improvement Plan presentation of each participant in front of a panel of coaches is part of the KMME program.

They’ll be quizzed on their industry expertise, income sources, unique value propositions, and future plans.


Mitos Tuico, the owner of Herblend Wellness Hub and a wellness coach, left her six-year job in 2017 to establish her own company.

“Running a company entails taking risks.” “After our first food service company collapsed, we used our remaining assets to establish a second one in 2018, but it was also shut down because of the pandemic,” Tuico said in an online interview.

Tuico is now working in plant-based meal replacements and food supplements, and she wants to improve her sales, marketing, financial accounting, and management abilities.

“During the pandemic, the wellness business is the ‘in’ thing, but the most difficult aspect is getting consumers, particularly locals and neighbors.” That’s something I’d want to work on throughout the KMME,” she said.

The owner of GRND UP Consumer Goods Trading, Bibi Doll Pono, stated her eagerness to enhance her abilities throughout the learning session.

“I’ve always seen myself as a work in progress.” “Learning from the professionals inspired me, and it fuelled my desire to join,” Pono said.

Pono began her company selling chorizo (sausage), pastries, cakes, and other bottled goods during the epidemic.

She sold 16,000 chorizo packets alone in February 2021.

“With my extensive knowledge and expertise, I aim to hire more people and help local farmers in three years.” “I want to offer people the chance that I haven’t had throughout the years,” Pono said.

Tuico and Pono are two of the 14 Cebu mentees.


KMME-Online, according to DTI-7 Director Ma. Elena Arbon, will help MSMEs survive and flourish in the “new normal.”

β€œBecause the Philippines has a mainly youthful population, it is technologically advanced. Young entrepreneurs, this is your moment and your world; make use of it. “For the economy to grow, the nation needs contemporary, current, stable, and sustainable companies,” Arbon said during the program’s inauguration, which was also supported by the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship – Go Negosyo.

Since its trial in the second quarter of 2016, the KMME Online has been deployed in 101 provinces and cities throughout the country.

More than 32,796 MSMEs have benefited from the initiative, which has also trained 734 mentors and impacted the lives of 8,787 young entrepreneurs in rural areas.

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