November 4, 2021

Biden expresses regret at Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord.

On Monday, President Joe Biden apologized to the international community for his predecessor’s unilateral withdrawal of the United States from the landmark 2015 Paris climate agreement.

“I guess I shouldn’t apologize,” Biden said in Glasgow, as world leaders gathered for a pivotal UN climate meeting. “But I do apologize for the fact that the United States, the previous administration, backed out of the Paris accords and placed us behind the eight ball a little bit.”

He was referring to former President Donald Trump’s decision in June 2017 to withdraw from the deal.

On the campaign road, Biden promised to reinstate US participation in the climate pact, and he worked quickly to fulfill that commitment after taking office on Jan. 20.

Biden previously stated that the globe is in the midst of a “decisive decade” that presents a “chance to show ourselves” and unite, as scientists warn that failure to limit global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius will have grave consequences.

“Glasgow must mark the beginning of a decade of ambition and innovation in order to safeguard our common future. Climate change is already wreaking havoc on the planet “As the United Nations Climate Change Conference, often known as COP26, began in the Scottish city of Edinburgh, Biden stated.

COP26 will run until November 12th, with a variety of panels, discussions, and side events aimed at finding solutions to the climate catastrophe.

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