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Adult Dyslexia and Modern Technology

Years of hard study and testing have resulted in great advancements in modern technology. These researchers’ efforts have not gone to waste, since the goods are currently being used to assist people with disabilities and challenges, whether acquired or natural.

Nowadays, you have access to a variety of technologies that can assist you with your problems. However, the type of gadget to utilize will be determined by the nature and severity of your ailment.

Spelling and Grammar Devices

If your main areas of difficulty are spelling and grammar, current technology has plenty to give you. There are now devices with spell-checkers and grammar checkers to help you with your spelling and grammar.

Furthermore, most new computers now include these features, which can be really beneficial to you. These capabilities function by highlighting your spelling and grammar errors and presenting you with the right form while allowing you to edit what you’ve already typed.

Dictionaries on the Internet

Electronic dictionaries are identical to traditional dictionaries, with the exception that they are easier to use and faster. This type of device provides definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and pronunciation for words.

This is particularly useful if you’re learning a new language because some of them can provide translations. It’s simple to use one since all you have to do is enter in the term and you’ll see all the important information about it right away.

Machines that produce sound

You can also utilize dictation devices to help you comprehend what you’re reading. Tape recorders are also handy, particularly if you’re studying and having trouble following what your teacher is saying. This allows you to listen to what you’ve recorded outside of class hours.

There are other audio-typing programs available. All you have to do is tell your computer what data you want to be encoded, and your computer will perform the rest.

Text to speech programs are similar, but they work in the opposite direction. You can hear the encoded data on your computer by pressing a button that instructs the computer to speak the data out loud.


Even ordinary people benefit from this gadget; for dyslexia sufferers who have trouble with numbers, a calculator is obviously invaluable.

Telephones with memory

Because dyslexics have trouble with short-term memory, remembering phone numbers can be a difficult chore. To avoid this, you can use memory telephones, which have the capability of remembering phone numbers and dialing them automatically.

Organizers that are electronic

Other issues that dyslexics confront include time management, scheduling, and organization. As a result, you might want to consider employing electronic organizers to assist you to manage your calendar. These can help you remember appointments, deadlines, and meetings by sending you reminders. You can also use it to keep track of the things you need to perform each day.

Computers that respond to spoken commands

Voice-activated computers are another useful utility. There is no need to type any information here. You may command the entire computer just by voice commands. You can also use your computer’s word processing tool to dictate any information you wish. However, such a device can be quite costly.

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