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To address the problem of plastic waste, a bill on packaging responsibility has been introduced.

The committee approval of a bill that would hold firms responsible for recycling, according to Deputy Speaker Camille Villar, is a critical step in addressing the country’s rising problem of plastic pollution.

Villar made the statement after the House Committee on Ecology approved a substitute measure aimed at establishing extended producer responsibility (EPR) in waste management.

As a result of the coronavirus epidemic, she believes it is critical to passing the packaging responsibility or product stewardship bill, as customers generate more single-use packaging and plastics from online transactions.

“The pandemic has also resulted in an increase in plastic use, complicating and exacerbating the problem.” “A united effort and duty are required to pass a measure that will decisively and effectively solve the current crisis,” Villar stated.

She pointed out that plastic garbage accounts for a considerable portion of the country’s total waste, and that the Philippines, after China and Indonesia, is the world’s third-largest polluter, producing 2.7 million metric tons of plastic waste each year.

“Worse yet, plastic trash is likely to cause pollution and flooding in communities,” Villar continued.

According to Villar, the measure intends to increase producers’ accountability in the design, collection, reuse, recycling, and disposal of their products and packaging.

EPR refers to environmental policies, initiatives, and practices that require businesses and corporations to be responsible for the proper and effective recovery, treatment, recycling, and disposal of their products after they have been sold and used by customers in order to improve environmental management.

Firms that implement EPR procedures will also benefit from tax breaks, according to her.

“I am confident that this vital bill will address the country’s plastic and solid waste management issues. “May I then respectfully request the members of the Committee’s and stakeholders’ support for the passage of this proposed measure,” Villar stated.

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