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Over 1.3 million Caraga inhabitants have been fully vaccinated.

BUTUAN CITY, PHILIPPINES – The Department of Health in Caraga (DOH–13) revealed Tuesday that at least 1,334,468 persons in the region have been properly vaccinated against coronavirus illness 2019 (Covid-19).

The DOH-13 stated, “The total number of fully vaccinated individuals reflects 59.39% of the overall target population for vaccination in the region.”

As of February 13, according to data provided by DOH-13, 2,711,558 Covid-19 vaccines had been administered in the region, with 102,200 people receiving booster injections.

With 327,395, the A4 group (frontline staff in critical areas) had the most people vaccinated over time, followed by the ROAP (rest of adult population) with 209,553, and the A3 (those with comorbidities) with 206,698.

A total of 200,371 people in the ROPP category (rest of pediatric population), 184,317 in A5 (indigenous population), and 137,825 in A2 had their entire immunization (senior citizens).

The study also stated that 52,354 inhabitants in the A1 category (frontline healthcare professionals), 11,596 in the EA1 category (outgoing OFWs), 2,316 in the PA3 category (pediatric population with comorbidities), and 2,043 in the EA3 category had previously received full vaccine doses (pregnant women).

The DOH-13 also reiterated its plea for Caraga people who have not yet had their Covid-19 immunization shots to come out and get them.

In the meantime, the DOH-13 reported that vaccinations for children aged 5 to 11 years old began on Monday.

This year, the agency hopes to immunize roughly 400,000 youngsters in the region against Covid-19.

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