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In CDO, new Covid-19 vaccine techniques will be implemented.

CITY OF CAGAYAN DE ORO – To increase the city’s immunization output, the local administration will introduce new vaccination techniques against the coronavirus illness in 2019 (Covid-19).

“Here in the city, we’re organizing our immunization efforts to meet those missing numbers from our first dose target.” The city health office’s (CHO) medical officer, Dr. Ted Yu Jr., said in an online briefer on Friday.

On March 7, Yu stated, the municipal government will begin administering Covid-19 vaccinations to senior residents in their homes, as well as in bus terminals for other priority groups.

Yu stated that the city’s Covid-19 mobile vaccination team will provide house-to-house vaccinations for non-ambulatory senior residents.

Meanwhile, those aged 12 and up with no comorbidities will be vaccinated in bus terminals, particularly the Westbound Bus Terminal in Barangay Bulua and the Agora Integrated Bus Terminal in Barangay Lapasan.

Yu said the city’s Covid-19 immunization team will do a test run for the vaccination in bus terminals on Saturday to ensure a smooth rollout and identify any potential difficulties that may occur.

The city government will also begin offering drive-thru vaccinations in SM Uptown and Downtown Premier to help senior individuals who have trouble getting out of their cars.

As of March 3, the city has counted 533,577 people who had been fully immunized. This equates to 88.94% of the target population of 599,929 people.

103,006 people, or 19.3 percent of the completely vaccinated, had received their booster injections. These people make up 17.16 percent of the target population who have had their booster shots.

A total of 23,369 people have already received their first dosage of the vaccination.

There is no vaccination card.

Yu stated they are still waiting for official paperwork from the Department of the Interior and Local Government on the non-requirement of Covid-19 immunization cards in establishments in regions under Alert Level 1.

The city government’s current vaccination push, according to Mayor Oscar Moreno, may be harmed by the adoption of the no-vax card policy in malls and other venues under Alert Level 1.

Acting city health officer Dr. William Bernardo has already discussed the issue with Interior Secretary Eduardo Ao for additional clarity.

Variants of Omicron

The CHO reported the fourth set of Omicron variant cases here in the same web briefer, which involved three returning abroad Filipinos (ROFs).

The ROFs, according to Yu, were made up of a male and two female residents of this metropolis, especially in the villages of Bugo, Lapasan, and Iponan.

From January 14 to 16, samples from the three new Omicron cases were tested at the Philippine Genome Center in Manila.

The results were received by the CHO on February 28.

“Two of the three are declared recovered, and the other has a negative RT-PCR test,” Yu added. “They’re all fully vaccinated.”

The CHO has identified a total of ten close contacts of the ROFs, who are being monitored for suspected flu-like symptoms with the assistance of the relevant barangay health emergency response teams.

Overall, the city administration has identified 47 Omicron variant cases, 42 of which have been tagged in this city and five of which have been re-tagged.

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