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IMPACT Revolutionizes Crypto Education in Bohol: Leading the Charge

Discover the transformative power of crypto education as IMPACT takes Bohol by storm, offering comprehensive learning experiences tailored for enthusiasts and beginners alike.


IMPACT leads the charge in crypto education in Bohol

Philippines – The Innovative Movement of the Philippine Association of Crypto Traders (IMPACT) has brought its CrypTalk education caravan to Bohol to empower its students with the fundamentals of blockchain, the underlying technology that powers cryptocurrencies, which could be a valuable skill in the future.

CrypTalk, a blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Web3 education caravan, was held at Bohol Northern Star College on March 5 and at the University of Bohol on March 6. Over 1000 high school and college students pursuing fields such as computer science, information technology, business, and accountancy had the unique opportunity to explore the realms of Web3.

DICT Bohol Provincial Officer Victor Magallanes emphasized the significance of educational caravans focusing on emerging technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrency to provide accessible sources of information to foster a deeper understanding of the thriving digital landscape.

“Limited familiarity with blockchain and cryptocurrency encourages individuals to participate in this kind of activity and gain insights from distinguished speakers from the field. I believe this education caravan presents an invaluable opportunity for individuals like myself to gain a better or deeper understanding of these evolving technologies,” Magallanes said.

For IMPACT founding chairman Arlone Abello, widely recognized as “Coach Miranda Miner” and CEO of Global Miranda Miner Group, introducing cryptocurrency and blockchain in the education curriculum could prepare students to excel in a variety of future careers, from fintech and cybersecurity to data analysis and beyond.

“The enthusiastic participation of students and engagement we witnessed throughout the CrypTalk caravan reaffirm our belief in the importance of proactive education on cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Web3. By enabling the next generation with knowledge of these technologies and digital finance, we are laying the groundwork for a more financially inclusive and technologically adept future,” Abello said. 

IMPACT’s approach underscores a commitment to grassroots-level education, aiming to raise awareness among students and the broader community of the potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. By empowering individuals with knowledge and insights, CrypTalk endeavors to shape a future where digital finance is both accessible and comprehensible to all.

Other speakers at the Cryptalk caravan in Bohol included Nelson Lumbres, Co-founder of ICP Hub Philippines; Melissa Mesias, Operations Lead of ICP Hub Philippines; Steve Jimenez, IMPACT Co-founder and Zkex Community Manager; and a representative from Gensokishi project.

The CrypTalk caravan represents a pivotal step toward building a more inclusive and informed community for digital finance in the Philippines. For more information about IMPACT and its initiatives in fostering innovation and education, visit www.impactph.io



The Innovative Movement of the Philippine Association of Crypto Traders (IMPACT) envisions a future where every individual is equipped with the knowledge and understanding of cryptocurrencies and their vast potential. We strive to be the leading authority in the Philippines, providing reliable and unbiased information on crypto trading, use cases, and emerging trends. By spreading awareness about bad actors and potential scams, we aim to protect traders and promote a safe and secure trading environment.

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