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Transform Child Healthcare with MILA App: Launched on Mother’s Day!

Introducing MILA App, launched today on Mother’s Day, offering parents an easy way to keep their children’s health records organized and accessible.


MILA App Launched on Mother’s Day to digitize Healthcare Records management for children

At the forefront of the health tech revolution, MILA empowers families to manage their health information.

MANILA, Philippines — In conjunction with International Mother’s Day, Filipino startup MILA Business Solutions Corp. has introduced MILA, a patient-centric health data storage application poised to revolutionize the way Filipino families manage their healthcare records. 

The app’s conception stemmed from the company survey showing that about 64% of parents struggle to recall their child’s medical history during medical appointments, potentially leading to incomplete assessments, misdiagnoses, and suboptimal healthcare outcomes. Additionally, 50% of the surveyed parents have misplaced their baby books multiple times.

The MILA app aims to streamline children’s health management and enable mothers to play proactive roles in their family healthcare. The app offers a comprehensive platform for managing children’s medical records and appointments and sharing data seamlessly with healthcare providers and family members. MILA’s vision is to create an ecosystem of specialized services that promote family health and well-being.

With its user-friendly interface and innovative features, MILA simplifies healthcare management, empowering mothers to oversee their family’s well-being. Key features include a family health plan, digital baby book, digital immunization records, medication and appointment reminders, and personalized health notes. The platform allows parents to manage all their child’s health data in a unified system, making life easier, one medical record at a time.

Engr. Faustino “Bam” Salvador Jr., Chief Executive Officer of MILA, emphasized the app’s significance for Filipino households, stating, “The MILA App provides mothers with convenient access to their family’s medical and healthcare data in one secure digital space. It’s more than a digital tool; it’s a way for mothers to stay organized and proactive about their family’s health.”

Launching on Mother’s Day underscores the company’s dedication to supporting mothers, who are considered the healthcare manager of the family. “With MILA, we’re providing mothers a powerful tool to effortlessly manage their children’s health, ensuring peace of mind, confidence, and ease,” said Chief Marketing Officer Ma. Jezzika Kierulf. “As a mother myself, I see the MILA app as a symbol of empowerment, connectivity, and care for families nationwide,” Kierulf added.

“Being a mother myself, I understand the challenges parents face in managing their children’s health,” stated Chief Marketing Officer Ma. Jezzika Kierulf. “With MILA, we’re providing fellow moms a tool to simplify this process, ensuring not only peace of mind but also fostering confidence and ease. The app stands as a testament to empowerment, connectivity, and our commitment to delivering compassionate care to families nationwide.

The health data management platform is supported by Pulse 63, the growth-focused accelerator and healthcare venture arm of Kaya Founders, ensuring a strong foundation for its ongoing development in providing a safe and convenient health records storage tool. Users can securely store health-related records, access complete immunization records, schedule appointments, and set medication reminders seamlessly through the app’s in-app calendar and alarm feature. MILA also allows for easy and secure sharing of children’s health data with schools, doctors, or family members, streamlining health data management to prioritize children’s well-being.

Abdul Paravengal, Managing Director of Pulse 63, stated, “Pulse 63 is proud to support the MILA app. Our collaboration is dedicated to fostering innovation in healthcare technology, empowering users with seamless access to health information for better decision-making and outcomes.”

For more details on MILA and its features, visit https://mila.com.ph/.



MILA App is a patient-centric platform dedicated to simplifying the storage and management of medical and health data. With user-friendly features, MILA empowers users to effortlessly add, manage, and access their digital health information, all at their fingertips.

It was founded by Engr. Faustino “Bam” Salvador Jr. (Chief Executive Officer), Ma. Jezzika Kierulf (Chief Marketing Officer), Darl Brean Abrea (Chief Operations Officer), Ronel Calpo M.D. (Chief Product Officer),  and Albert Joseph Acejo (Chief Project Officer).

The MILA app was established from a capstone project of its founders during their Master in Innovation and Business program at the Asian Institute of Management. Completing their studies in December 2023, the team is transitioning their academic project into a flourishing venture, aiming to make a significant impact in the tech and healthcare industry with their innovative approach to health data management.

For more information, visit  https://mila.com.ph/.


The launch of the MILA App on Mother’s Day marks a significant step forward in healthcare management for children. By digitizing medical records, the MILA App provides parents with an innovative, efficient, and user-friendly solution to keep track of their children’s health information. This new tool not only enhances convenience but also ensures that critical health data is always accessible, making healthcare management simpler and more organized for busy families. Embrace the future of healthcare records management with MILA App, and give your child’s health the attention it deserves.


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