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An organization to assist in eradicating inferior steel

The Philippine Iron and Steel Institute (PISI) has committed to keeping aiding the administration in its efforts to eradicate inferior steel from the domestic market.

PISI president Ronald Magsajo said in a statement on Thursday that the organization will keep conducting test purchases around the nation to find retailers who sell inferior steel products.

PISI started its own test buy efforts during the previous few years and collaborated with the government, primarily the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), to take action against dealers and producers of inferior, deformed and re-rolled steel goods.

In promoting safety and adherence to national standards for the Philippines, the institute “remains to be an advocate and industry partner,” Magsajo added.

He claimed that low-quality steel goods continue to be widely available on the local market, endangering public safety.

“Given that the Philippines is prone to natural calamities, this is particularly concerning. A magnitude 7 earthquake recently shook the northern parts of Luzon. When subpar steel products are used to construct homes, buildings, bridges, and other infrastructure, the level of destruction is beyond our comprehension, Magsajo continued.

In 16 provinces last year, PISI conducted test purchases and discovered 35 stores selling inferior steel goods.

Additionally, PISI found that 27 of 130 different steel rebars failed quality checks.

In order to take the required measures against the offenders, PISI worked in coordination with the Bureau of Philippine Standards.

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