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Win Big and Make a Difference: Join the iThink Hackathon for Web3 Innovators!

The iThink Hackathon is here with a ₱225,000 prize pool, inviting Web3 developers to create impactful solutions for societal challenges. Don’t miss this opportunity!


iThink Hackathon offers ₱225,000 in prizes to Web3 developers to drive social impact

Aiming to leverage the innovations and opportunities presented by the blockchain ecosystem to power social advancement, ISLA Camp (ICP HUB Philippines) has launched the fourth edition of the iThink Hackathon and offers a total of ₱225,000 in prizes to Web3 developers that will build groundbreaking solutions.

iThink Hackathon “Pump Up The Jam” is being held in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Midtown Diliman and DEVCON to engage developers across the Philippines by providing a platform to showcase their creativity and innovations that address challenges in one of Rotary’s Areas of Focus: Peace Building and Conflict Prevention, Disease Prevention and Treatment, Water Sanitation and Hygiene, Maternal and Child Health, Basic Education and Literacy, Community Economic Development, and Environment.

The hackathon is designed to foster creativity, innovation, and collaboration among developers nationwide. Participants will work on projects in one of two tracks: Web Application or Web Game Application, utilizing both frontend hosting and backend Application Programming Interface (APIs) deployed on the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP).

For the Web application track, projects must utilize ICP for frontend hosting and backend API, frontend can also be developed using any technology, such as React, Angular, or Vue.js, as an option. Applications should be responsive and user-friendly.

For the Web Game Application track, games must also utilize ICP for the backend API and can be developed using any framework or engine, such as Unity, Phaser, Godot, or Defold. The games should be engaging, intuitive, and playable in a browser. 

“This initiative embodies our commitment to provide a platform for talented developers in the Philippines to create innovative solutions that address critical societal challenges,” said Nelson Lumbres, co-founder of ISLA Camp (ICP HUB Philippines).

On June 22, ISLA Camp awarded ₱225,000 in total prizes to the winners of its recent nationwide iThink Hackathon. In first place was Waste2Earn, a platform that rewards recycling efforts and promotes sustainable practices and environmental conservation, was named champion. Followed by Wander.ly, a travel planning platform using blockchain for personalized, secure travel experiences, and Happ3n, social event management platform using blockchain to enhance event organization, in second and third place, respectively.

“The first three editions of the nationwide iThink Hackathon earlier this year were a tremendous success. We witnessed firsthand the remarkable capability and creativity of Filipino developers. Our goal is not only to support these talented individuals but also to unearth the gems among their projects. We believe in fostering solutions that can drive real social impact, and I am eager to see the groundbreaking ideas that will emerge from this event,” Lumbres added.

Applicants must choose their desired track. They may join the event solo or in teams of up to five members. Familiarity with the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) is mandatory, and mentoring will be provided. Teams must not have received grants or hackathon prizes from the DFINITY Foundation or ICP HUB Philippines for the project they wish to submit. Additionally, all participants must be above the age of 18.

ISLA Camp will select 10 teams per track and will equip them with the necessary tools and technologies to develop scalable innovations through a series of in-person and online design thinking sessions, mentorship sessions, and workshops with partner experts. The event will culminate in an IRL Showcase day on July 31, 2024.

Projects will be evaluated based on innovation (creativity and originality of the idea), functionality (how well the application works and its usability), design and user experience (visual appeal and user interaction), technical implementation (use of ICP and other technologies), and presentation (clarity and effectiveness of the project demo and documentation). 

The champion team will receive a cash prize of ₱50,000, while the first and second runners-up will receive cash prizes of ₱30,000 and ₱20,000, respectively, per track. ISLA Camp will also award special prizes of ₱12,500 each for the most innovative DApp and impressive Game concept.

Interested participants must register and submit their requirements through the website https://hackathon.islacamp.ph/



ICP HUB Philippines is a non-profit organization that aims to promote the adoption of Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) in the Philippines. ICP is a new blockchain technology that offers many advantages over traditional blockchains, including scalability, security, and performance. ICP HUB Philippines provides various resources and services to help people learn about and use ICP, including educational content, workshops, and events.

For any queries or support, please contact us at:

Email: info@islacamp.ph

Telegram: @ICPHubPH

Learn more: https://internetcomputer.org/ 


Twitter – https://twitter.com/icphub_PH 

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ICPHubPH/ 

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/nelsonlumbres/   

Medium – https://medium.com/@ICPHubPH  

YouTube – http://www.youtube.com/@ICPHubPH  


The iThink Hackathon presents an exciting opportunity for Web3 developers to make a tangible difference in society while competing for a generous prize pool of ₱225,000. This event encourages participants to harness their skills and creativity to develop solutions that address pressing social issues. By fostering innovation and promoting the use of Web3 technology for the greater good, the iThink Hackathon not only rewards talent but also drives meaningful change. Join the hackathon, showcase your expertise, and contribute to creating a better future through technology.

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