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BOC-Port of Clark surpasses its collection goal.

Even a few days before the month’s conclusion, the Bureau of Customs (BOC)-Port of Clark surpassed its October collection goal.

Since January of this year, BOC-Clark has exceeded its monthly objective.

According to a report from the Collection Division, the port’s revenue exceeded its objective of PHP278.50 million on October 25 and was already at PHP287.59 million.

District Collector Alexandra Lumontad stated in a social media post on Wednesday that “The Port of Clark hits the target with a surplus of PHP9,095,696.60, or a positive deviation of 3.27 percent, which is likely to climb until the end of the month.”

The amount collected as of October 25 alone is 12.33 percent larger than the actual amount collected—PHP256.03 million—during the comparable period last year, demonstrating the port’s income rise year over year.

According to Lumontad, the BOC-Port of Clark’s successful revenue collection results may be credited to the staff’s concerted effort to strictly enforce customs laws and regulations in order to collect legal revenues.

“Our staff worked as a team to achieve the goal, made possible by the tight enforcement of customs laws and regulations, the development of systems and streamlined processes that increased income and fueled the bureau’s trade facilitation efforts,” the official added.

In order to consistently meet its designated monthly collection objective, Lumontad stated that the BOC-Port of Clark would increase its revenue-collecting activities.

According to President Ferdinand R. Marcos’ instructions, “The Port of Clark would continue its efforts to boost tax collection for the government under the direction of Commissioner Yogi Filemon Ruiz,” she continued.

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