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PH and Germany work together to address the climate crisis

Through its embassy in Manila, the German government is collaborating with the Philippine government to address the climate catastrophe.

“We view the climate catastrophe as our generation’s greatest security concern. The world can no longer afford to wait. Anke Reiffenstuel, the German ambassador to the Philippines, stated in a news release on Monday, “We need to put an end to the fossil era and quickly reduce emissions.

Germany has accelerated the switch to green energy because of this, with the goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2045. Globally, Germany is a dependable ally of nations like the Philippines that are particularly susceptible to the consequences of climate change. Germany is now carrying out more than 50 initiatives in the fields of climate, environment, and biodiversity with a total budget of more than EUR88 million (about PHP5.2 billion), as it is a priority country of the International Climate Initiative, Reiffenstuel continued.

The Jeepney+ NAMA (Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action) project, which was launched by the GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft fΓΌr Internationale Zusammenarbeit, a German government international aid organization) and the Department of Transportation (DOTr), sought to establish a contemporary, sustainable, and environmentally friendly transport system in Philippine cities.

When it comes to lowering emissions, both in Germany and the Philippines, the transportation sector is crucial. Focusing on public transit produces good and long-lasting effects, especially for lower-income groups in society, according to Reiffenstuel.

The Jeepney initiative, she continued, continues in other ways. The goal is to develop cities that are focused on their inhabitants and supported by effective, honorable, and sustainable mobility. Similar measures to additionally upgrade the Philippines’ bus systems are being implemented through another GIZ-powered project dubbed “TRANSfer.”

In collaboration with the Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement (PRRM), World Vision, and GIZ, the German government is educating farmers about environmentally sound techniques that would not reduce their crop yield while also assisting them in adapting to climate change.

Reiffenstuel gave the Philippines his word that Germany will continue to be a loyal ally in this conflict.

Following Storm Paeng, Germany redistributed a portion of its PHP70.4 million (EUR1.2 million) gift to the Philippines under the International Organization for Migration’s (IOM) Covid-19 strategic response and recovery plan to provide emergency aid to areas hit by the typhoon.

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